Sunday, December 22, 2013

Riley #46 - Lomita, CA - The Big Holiday will be Chinese New Year's

                                                                            December 16
Dear Family,
 Thanks for the blogs from Michele. I was able to see the video as well. Good to know not everything has changed there. 

   As for working out, we normally run every morning. I wouldn't say it keeps us very fit, especially considering the amount of time we spend in a car, but it certainly helps us get going in the morning.

     This week has been really busy, but the next week or so may be slow. 

       Orchestra is finished for the year except for a concert at the VC on Saturday. Chinese school gets out next Saturday. We are still looking for more people to teach, but are excited for what this coming year brings. It is odd to think it has almost been a year on my mission; it passes way too quickly.
     The branch isn't planning anything for Christmas. We had a joint Christmas party with the English ward, but for the most part the Branch members don't seem to really celebrate Christmas that much.

      Our Branch President said Chinese New Year is when they really celebrate, but Christmas doesn't have much of a celebration apart from the religious side. 
    Afraid I don't have much time again, but at least there are pictures this time.

 I'll let you know about our Christmas phone call soon.

             Elder Bowman