Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Mollie #57 - La Marina, Chile - 6 More Months means Transfer Coming with Sorta New Companion

                      December 2

Hey all!

    So sorry - I don´t have anymore time. Just a quick note, but I do have some photos for you. I love the beach.

     Every six months, we get transferred. I am changing sectors going to Villa Obispo in Los Angeles. 
     My companion will be Hermana Porter - the same one from the MTC!  :)  What luck,  right?

  I will write about the details for Christmas when I know. Send me Sharpie pens -  the fine point ones please.

     I am really sorry to hear about Aunt Mary. Thanks for not sharing any details. I hope everything will go all right. Hugs for Aunt Mary.

Spiritual Thought: Who do you want to be in heaven with and what are you willing to do to help the people make it there? I've been thinking and discussing this thought the past few days. We can't just be an example of being Christ-like, but we need to get actively involved.


     How do we do this? By sharing what we know or have learned spiritually that makes us more Christ-like or spiritually stronger. What can we do to become stronger spiritually? Prayer and scripture reading for one. Also, we need to attend our meetings and think of the Sacrament and all that he did for us. By doing these things, we become spiritually stronger.


     By helping others do a few of them, maybe a prayer, maybe by sharing what we know spiritually by sharing a testimony or by sharing a scripture, we can help others know that there is a reason we are here and help them understand their purpose. 

     Helping others is what Christ did, and it's part of living a Christ-like life. It's something I get to do everyday as a missionary, but we can all do it each day. Loving and reaching to others, like Christ did. 

Love you all lots,
   Hermana Bowman