Friday, December 20, 2013

Mollie #58 - Villa Obispo, Chile - My Companion, Hermana Porter from the MTC, Spending our 2nd Christmas together

                                                                      December 9
Hey all!

    It's so great that you liked my pics last week 'cause ya aint gettin' any this week.

    Alright, so if you need a pic of me an Hermana Porter you've got the ones from the MTC. We look about the same. 

Mollie's MTC Roomies and Companion (in striped shirt.) 
Now the roomies have mixed into different companion sets.

     The funny thing is that we prayed for this in the MTC that we would have the chance to see each other again here in the mission. We really had an extraordinary group of people. Hermana Peck is with Hermana Ferrel from the MTC, and I am with Hermana Porter. The four of us, just with different companions!

     We are both recounting all of the stories and things that have happened in the last year. How funny that we will be spending Christmas with the same people as last year!

     I think Hermana Porter and I have the power to do a lot of miracles together. This sector is in Los Angeles, so while Ry is in Los Angeles, USA,  I am in LA, Chile. Funny, right? 

     Anyway, this sector has a big Utah feel to it. The people have the same level of education, money, etc. as your average middle class family in the US. This is a ward of return missionaries and some of them served in Utah.  

     They have a choir here already. The choir in the Marina is going well, but I left. I am not sure what to do about choir or how. 

     This ward has about 150 people, which is good, but it brings a lot of names to learn and I am so not good with names. 

     How cool is it that Sara is with Katie. Can you send me some backup letters that Ri has sent?

     I am trying to get a feel of the ward more than anything - how we can work together and what our goals should be. Give me like two weeks and I will figure out the sector's strengths, weaknesses, etcetera.

     I am running and doing exercise every morning...I challenge you all to do the same. It was the weirdest thing that Hermana Nelson taught me. (PS. look her up on Facebook - Erika Nelson. She is back home. I went running everyday with her, because she has an itch to run like I have to walk. So then she left, and I missed exercise in the morning. Go figure, right? I really can feel the difference. 

     I have lots of goals for my last six months of the mission. Please, please, please do not write me with how much time I have left on the mission and that is not a briar rabbit. 

     This sector is beautiful tall trees and parks. It is like the US. The sun here is so hot. I need to buy a hat. Right now, I am stuck in details everyday life trying to figure out which way is north.

     We had a cool talk with a homeless lady on the street about children and work the other day.  Our house here has a crazy, bipolar lady as our landlord. It keeps life fun.
I made French toast for the zone the other day. We are 32 missionaries.

     I will organize my letters better. I have slacked off on my journal writing, and it shows. But now I'll have more time with Hermana Porter, so I will organize better.

Spiritual Thought
     I had to give a presentation talk Sunday. We had ward council in the morning and evidently the bishop thought it was the Primary program week. It wasn't, so we threw together a Sacrament meeting at the last minute.

     I talked to the ward about the story of the three magos - wisemen from the scriptures, how they needed a star to find Christ, and that I am a strong believer in the Primary song, "I am like a star shining brightly." (I've always liked stars! )

     I invited the whole ward to be stars this Christmas to help others come and find Christ, so that we can all be filled with this joy and purpose that Christ gives us.  
     I invite you all to do the same - be a light - a star! Do something different for someone else so that they can find and know a little better our Savior, Jesus Christ. 
                           Love you all lots!
                            Hermana Bowman