Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Riley # 44 - Lomita, CA - He cooked Thanksgiving for us, A Rice Cooker Gift

                                                      December 2, 2013

Hi Everyone,

   Thanks for the emails. Thank you father as well. I don't normally have enough time to do another email, but I do like receiving yours, and I know you read this one.

   This week was good as usual. We had Thanksgiving at a member's house which was pretty fun. He lives by himself and doesn't usually cook, but because we were coming decided to cook up some turkey and stuffing for us.

    He said it was the first time he used the oven in the 10 years he's lived there. Kind of reminded me of myself in that aspect. But the dinner was good.

    The members are all doing great in the Branch. A couple bought us a new rice cooker and rice, because we mentioned we didn't have one. Friday night, we had a Thanksgiving activity which was excellent. It was kind of a joint dinner and testimony meeting.

   I don't have a lot of time, because we have a lot of plans today. It was great to hear from you again. Afraid I didn't take any pictures last week, but I will be sure to remind Elder Burr to take some this week. Everything is going well here and things are progressing.

    Of course, we are still looking for ways to find people, but we still are trying out different ideas. Happy Thanksgiving!

             Elder Bowman