Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Mollie #54 - La Marina, Chile - Elder Holland Came!, Hair Trauma

                                                               November 11
Hey all,

     So this week was a lot of fun. We did Christmas stockings in Relief Society that we are going to stuff with sugar cookies in a couple weeks.   

We had a baby shower and we had… Elder Holland!
Elder Holland came to visit this stake here in San Pedro.
 Needless to say, we were all excited! 

    We brought an investigator to the conference with us her name is Evelyn. She said she had a flash to the future where she saw herself speaking for the pulpit. Now we just have to help that dream come true. 

     Elder Holland spoke about work and the children. How he has great examples in the other apostles. They are old, they are tired, but they continue to work...and for what reason they don´t need to work, they should be resting.  

     He spoke of how President Hinckley had met with the apostles every Thursday, including the Thursday before he died Sunday - just weeks short of 98 yrs old. 

Why do they work until they are worn out and die?
 He asked us. After all they are not paid. 

     They have very strong testimonies. They don´t need us. They work, because they are trying to save the children - To save the next generation, to establish (here in Chile) a generation of return missionaries. They have been and seen our age, and we have not been or seen his age. 

He spoke of many things including the building plans for the temple here in Concepcion.

     He also left an Apostolic blessing for every one of us - " feel the love of God the power of the priesthood and the presence of angels in our lives."

Every blessing I have had in my mission has mentioned the presence of angels.

He also spoke about how in this world we need miracles. And we also need people willing and worthy to be miracle workers of the will of God. 

And much much more.

     The mayor was there. It was fantastic. The building was flooded with members. Some standing others in all of the overflow rooms. 

All right, so here´is a picture of my companion and me. My companion worked in a hair salon before the mission and knows a lot of cool way to do hair. I tried using one of the hair pieces and this is what happened. What a disaster, right?! It was Tuesday, and we had to call the elders to say that we were going to be late to our district meeting because of an unexpected emergency.

We literally had to cut this plastic hairpiece from my hair, and we were over a half hour late.

Helping clean the church building

Oh!  I got the box today. Thanks for everything. I will try to put everything to use.

Love you all lots,
   Hermana Bowman

To Michele:

Aww...Mich your bunny beanbag thing is very cute and colorful. I like the idea of a crib room. Tiny is growing a lot.

Love you lots,
Your sis