Friday, November 29, 2013

Riley #42 - Lomita, CA - Two New Mandarin Missionaries, Chinese Fireside, Creating Farsi-speaking Missionaries

                                            November 11, 2013
Dear Family,

   Sorry I missed last week. We forgot it was Veteran's Day and by the time we went to email it was too late to do so. Loved the photos form Michele. My favorites are probably the ones she sent me with the minion hat. Also like the dark hoodie in the first one.

   These last weeks have been fairly busy. Elder Bergeson went home last Wednesday, and we got two new Chinese missionaries in the mission. One is from Hong Kong and the other from Chicago, but born in Taiwan. They are both in the northern part of the mission. I am still in the southern part with Elder Burr.

     I am still thinking about what we can do with film. Any ideas on what we can make a video of?  I don't have any colleges I can use in my area right now, but I am going to bring it up with the missionaries over there.

     As far as the clothing industry goes, I passed on the addresses to the missionaries whose area it is in. They said they will visit when they get the chance. It is close to the mission boundary. They don't go over there too often, but said they will check it out next time they are. So thank Sister Slade.

     I am a little confused about what I am supposed to do with a notary, never having used one before. Am I suppose to print the paper and have them verify that I agree? And can I just stop by any bank and ask for a notary? Also, how am I suppose to get you a copy of my driver's license?

     Last night, we had a Chinese fireside at the temple's visitor center. It was the first one in Chinese that we have had, and Chinese members came from all over. I saw Elder Smith again, my companion from the MTC and met a few missionaries from the Arcadia mission. They have a ton of Chinese missionaries over there and even have Chinese sister missionaries. I didn't really have much time to talk to them because we were all busy with investigators, but it was good to see them.

     In other news, the mission just opened up for Farsi. There are a good number of Farsi people in Santa Monica, so permission was granted by the First Presidency to have Farsi missionaries in the mission. Farsi, or Persian, is mainly spoken in Iran. The MTC doesn't teach Farsi so all of the missionaries who are assigned to it had to be moved from another language. So one Korean-called missionary and three Spanish called missionaries had their call changed to Farsi speaking.

The Korean missionary is Elder Craner. He came out before me(so just over a year ago) and was one of the Koreans doing English class with us. It is pretty big news. There is only one other mission in the world that has Farsi missionaries and that is the Toronto, Canada mission.

Not sure if I will be able to send pictures today, because we are running behind schedule.

Also, if Sam Beck is still in the Oakland mission please ask him for the email of a Chinese elders there. 
              Elder Bowman