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Riley #29 - Lomita, CA - English Conference to Share our Program

                                                                    August 5, 2013

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     Dear Family,

       Thanks for the letters. First off, don't worry about the recorder, Miss Donna sent me one. Be sure to pass on my thanks to her.
     The genealogy conference you went to sounds interesting. Lately, I haven't really been thinking much about how I would use genealogy here, but it certainly is something that could prove to be useful. It has been a little busy lately, but maybe as we near this fireside I will have some time to give it more thought.

       A lot happened this week, more than I probably have time to talk about, but I can give you some highlights. First of all, this is the best week we have had for attendance at English class with 18 students on Tuesday. The Korean missionaries have a beginning class they have started now so not all are Chinese, but most are. Wednesday, we had a special conference about English class presented by Elder Hsiao and Elder Kuo.

       It was a fantastic conference. Elder Hsiao is simply unbelievable. I still don't know Elder Kuo too well, but Elder Hsiao speaks very highly of him and says he is the most organized person he has ever met. In any case, the conference they held was really impressive. The purpose of the conference was more or less to present Los Angeles English. They went over the benefits of teaching English, how to run an English class, and the current organization of the English class we made. President and Sister Weidman were present for the majority of it. Also, the Korean missionaries were there as well as the ASL missionaries and three companionships of Spanish missionaries. Apart from ASL, they are all planning to start an English class using the organization and material we prepared.

     Elder Hsiao is now in charge of the English class program in the mission. Before the missionaries can open their own English class (or English Unit), they need to go through a Startup checklist and run it by Elder Hsiao. These Spanish missionaries will be the start of incorporating the Spanish program into English class. Our English class is going to be officially mission sponsored and run mission wide. Back when we were first starting English class, when I was first in LA, Elder Hsiao told me that this was the eventual goal. It is hard to believe he actually pulled it off.
We also had some other successes this week, which I am out of time to tell you. Maybe next week.
              Elder Bowman

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  1. So great to hear them meet such a HUGE goal! Elder Hsiao will be a forever friend. (July)