Saturday, August 24, 2013

Mollie #42 - La Marina - Security, Organizing, Studying The Word of Wisdom

                                                  August 12
Hey All,

Thanks for all the letters this week and last week. Pictures  are great! I am close to Concepcion, so we go every P day and downloading is really fast. I really loved the pig wrestling story. How funny!

Anyways things are crazy as always.

Don´t worry too much about the security- I think my companion scared me more than anything as long as we stay out of certain sectors at night and in the morning we should be good. 

Still, I am afraid to pull out or carry my camera around - we already get more than enough attention being to you won´t be getting very many pictures. There are just too many people with hoods on that lurk around doing nothing on the street.

Where to start. I am getting to know the sector which means cleaning organizing and studying. 

Step 1  - Cleaning
When I first got to the house there was lot of green and gray things growing on the walls but I have eliminated most of them with vinegar, water, and after that bleach. 

There is a giant fear here of not having water after an earthquake. Our tiny house had at least 60 gallons of water stored in different size soda and juice bottles. People had been storing them for years, and when I emptied them there were green and white things growing in these bottles. Gross right?! The sinks don´t drain well. I have tried vinegar and baking soda, but they still wouldn´t drain. I'm going to try bleach next. Cleaning has been the first step.

Step 2 - Light
 When I came to the house we did not have light in our room. We were doing numbers and plans in the dark with a flashlight and my companion said they had been doing so for more than two weeks. The socket has been changed since, and now we have light. I hadn´t realized how much I under appreciate this blessing. Try going without light for a week and you will know what I mean

Step 3 - Organizing
Because there was no light, a lot of the paperwork got behind so we have been organizing and updating. We have also been organizing our companionship getting to know one another and helping each other grow. We take note of which things we can do better and how we can work together to maximize our talents and make up for our weakness.

Step 4 - Studying
We think biggest weakness as a companionship is Spanish. We get along but well  - there is a strong need to understand and communicate well. So we have been studying like crazy. The biggest challenge here when it comes to teaching is naturally the Word of Wisdom. Almost everyone drinks and smokes, so we have spent extra time studying it.

It rains here  - I mean rains like Florida but cold. I am going to have to buy another umbrella. We get soaked leaving butt marks of water in the chairs of the members' houses through the towels.

We did a pancake breakfast with the missionary counsel of the ward I made pancakes, and we all got to know each other a little more. i think it really helped us have greater confidence with some of the members of the ward.

I have this recipe for you it is from a member a natural remedy for a sore throught or something like that. it is kind of strange but I thought you might like it.

Spiritual Thought - Just don't let rainy days get you down, because after four consecutive days of rain... Today is a lovely day of sun.

Lots of Love,
         Hermana Bowman

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