Saturday, August 3, 2013

Mollie #39 - Angol, Chile - Ward Work, Creepy Cooking, Wax Strong

                                                                     July 22
Dear Family,

   I only have 45 minutes now to communicate. It leaves me about 15 minutes to write to you all every week. This week I have little time for uploading photos.

     Anyway, life here is good. We had twelve menos activos at the church the other day and three investigators. This is good!

     Sometimes, I really wish that our Alpine ward had missionaries. 

     Missionaries play a bizillion roles in the wards here. We fill callings, matchmake friendships, teach how to fill callings, teach leadership skills, help with activities with the youth, help troubled youth, teach planning to the leaders, help prepare the youth for missions, let people know about illnesses and deaths, and help with the deaths. The fact of the matter is we are working at establishing the wards here, and it is a lot of work.

      Communication is everything...which is why sometimes I wish I could speak Spanish better. I often feel limited in my ability to communicate and express. Still, I know I am getting better everyday. I think I just need to study Spanish every day no matter what - sí o sí. Still, if you could find me some blank spiral bound flash cards it would help. They don´t sell them here, and I like to walk and study.

     Other things to send me.  Dark Chocolate chips. The chocolate here...they tastes like wax. The first ingredient is fat, the second sugar, and the third cocoa powder. I have to melt it down and add cocoa powder and let it harden to cook with it. 

    Unusual thing that happened...Well, this morning we had to cook at the church for an activity that we had this afternoon. But well, evidently someone died last night. So, we were at the church alone cooking with a nearby casket for company. A bit creepy.

In this picture. Hermana Chavez stole the camera.  I am cooking for the bishop. His father died so we collected notes from the ward and baked him some delicious no bake cookies.

Spiritual thought

     I have been reading in Jesus the Christ. Sometimes I feel that I will never finish it, I still have about 600 pages more, but it is helping me better understand the strength and ability of Christ.

   I am in the part about temptations. Christ grew grace by grace. He waxed strong. He was not born with the understanding and remembrance of his pre-earth life or calling. He was not completely clueless though. He had a strong understanding of what he did know and must have had the spirit with him, as he did teach the rabbis and scholars at twelve.

     The first time he is acknowledged by God to man shows how very important he is to God's plan. This is at his baptism. "This is my beloved son in whom I am well pleased..."

 After his baptism, I think he started to realize how important his calling was, how strong he needed to be. He went into the desert near the River Jordan and fasted for forty days - to consecrate himself - to understand his calling- to give himself time to think.
Then, the devil comes and tempts him.

IF you are the son of God make this stone into bread. Your Father wouldn't want you to be hungry,

IF you are the son of God cast yourself off of this temple. After all, the scriptures say angels will carry you.  

    This is the largest temptation. The temptation to doubt who he was. To doubt the answer that he received at his baptism.

     I think this is one of the largest temptation for us as well - to doubt our calling and abilities. To doubt the answers, miracles, and callings that we have seen and received in our life. To doubt what Heavenly Father knows and wants us to be. Even if we don't understand things with an eternal perspective, we can strive, as Christ did, to put busyness, doubt and temptation aside, and really focus on what we should be doing and who we can become.

   Love you all lots,

        Hermana Bowman

P.S. Loved the pics.  Can you send a family pic the one from pre-mission? I don't have one.