Saturday, August 10, 2013

Mollie #40 - Angol, Chile - Going Away Party, Canteras, Momita

                                                      July 29
Hola everyone,

    SO, cambios and I am changing. BOO... :(   but at the same time. I am glad to reflect back on all of the changes that have occurred in my time here.
     The ward is stronger and better able to retain members. About five families have been reactivated. We have a mission leader. The sisters in the house are working better together. We have a whiteboard and a map. We have cleaned up the phone, the menos activo list. We have members that work with the missionaries. We have regular Family Home Evenings where we can invite people. There have been a plethora of changes. In the moment, progress seems so slow. But really a lot has happened in the time I was here.

Here is a picture of me and Keila. (Click here to learn more about Keila). It's from my going away party they held for me spur of the moment last night.

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   This is my ward missionary group. This is what we started with. We have a lot more now, but these three have always been ready to help us when we needed them for arranging activities or coming to lessons. This is Keila, Victor, and Diego. Diego is now our ward mission leader. He is 17 and a fantastic leader.

     They went with us to the canteras, which are small lakes. I've been wanting to go since I came here, so I am really glad I got to squish it in. The canteras were mines, but then one day they struck water and filled up. Supposedly, it filled really fast and all of the machines are still down there under the water, which is evidently really deep.

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     These are some of the families I helped reactivate and Sergio was baptized. This is from the party they threw for me.

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Meet Momita, also known as Hermana Pati. She is fantastic - just a beautiful and wonderful person. She has taught me a lot about discerning needs of others and then teaching them how to act to fill those needs. Hard to explain, but she is wonderful at discerning the needs of others and then straight out questioning them. She uses questions beautifully.

Things like asking sisters in the ward...
Momita:  How are you? 
Hermana: Good.
Momita: (Looks in Hermana's eyes) No you are not. What is wrong? 
Hermana: Nothing. 
Momita: (Long hug) You are important to me. How can I help you?

   She sees things, and then she finds ways to invite people to act - to change in order to feel better. She is one of my favorite people here, and I WILL MISS learning from her  - a lot!

         Love you all lots,

               Thanks for the letters,

           Hermana Bowman