Monday, August 5, 2013

Riley # 28 - Lomita, CA - Elder Bergeson, Tsaio vs, Hsaio, A Group

                                                 July 29

Dear Family,
     I ended up not buying the voice recorder because they looked expensive, and I wasn't sure which one would work well. Could you order one online? It needs to be small enough that I could put it in a pocket and it would be nice if it could use a memory card I could save recordings to. Other than that I leave it in your hands.

    The Chinese Family History chart sounds fine. We are still preparing for our Family History Fireside in September. We want it to be big so we are creating flyers to hand out at the places we normally advertise English class at.

    I think I have told you this before, but I am now companions with Elder Bergeson. In fact, I have been for the last nine weeks. We are living in Lomita, which is just south of Torrance. It is an apartment owned by a family in the branch. It is nice albeit a little small. Elder Casey and Hsiao were still living in the old apartment up until this week.

Elder Bergeson
  There have been a lot of changes this past week. Before I go into that, Elder Hsiao's name is with an "H" and not a "T". In the Taiwan romanization, "Ts" would be "ts" as in cats, whereas "Hs" would be an "sh" sound. Also, it is "iao" pronounced "ee-OW"

    Alright, now for the changes. A week from yesterday, Elder Hsiao and Casey met with the Bishops and ward mission leaders in a number of wards up north to discuss creating a Chinese group up around USC and UCLA. A group is a church unit smaller than a branch and, in many cases, a precursor to a branch. As a result of this meeting, Elder Casey and Elder Hsiao moved up North and we split our areas. Therefore, only Elder Bergeson and I will be covering the Branch and the other Chinese companionship will cover the Northern part of the mission.

      President Weidman also moved another missionary into the Chinese program. His name is Elder Kuo, and he is of Chinese descent, but doesn't speak it fluently. He was a Spanish Elder before and only has two transfers left in the mission. His Chinese is probably at least as good as mine, which is to say, overall lacking.

    Elder Casey is going to be with Elder Kuo's companion for much of the rest of the transfer. He is going to be in an city called Watts, which has a reputation as the most dangerous area in the mission. His first night there, they had a drug bust across the street from his apartment. Still, I am sure he will be fine. The areas that are too dangerous are red zones, in other words areas missionaries aren't allowed to enter. Elder Casey's area has three, and he is smart enough to know to stay away from them.

Tell Michele I loved the picture of Madeleine and the Cheetos...and those animal heads are creepy.

            Elder Bowman