Saturday, August 17, 2013

Mollie #41 - San Pedro, Chile - She makes up songs, Marijuana, and The Athenians

                                                        August 5

Good bye to my Angol Zone!
Hey all.

My new sector is called The Marina. It is in the city of San Pedro which is just south of Concepcion. It is actually warmer here in the day but colder at night. Go figure. 

My new companion is Hermana Van De Merwe, who is 20 years old. She is from Draper, Utah, and was studying public communication and art history before her mission. She makes up songs and sings in the street, the shower, while cooking, etc.. needlessly to say, I love her.

She has been in Chile for 3 months, making me the senior companion. It ends up that I can speak Spanish a lot better than I thought I could, because we ended up teaching alright here.

Our sector is one of the most ghetto sectors in the mission. Just last week, sisters from the ward next to ours were robbed. 

The members and people we have contacted in the street have banned us from going into certain sectors (pretty much our whole sector) at different times of night. 

There is a big problem with drugs and alcohol here. It is terrible and really hard on the youth. The other day I had a conversation with one of the youth that was accompanying us on visits about whether it is bad to try out marijuana. Just to try it you know. 

I think I explained it in the way that you explained it to me. 

Me: Is dirt good for you.
Youth: No
Me: Why not?
Youth: It can make you sick
Me: Exactly, you know it isn´t good for you
Youth: Is marijuana good for you, a good thing?
Me: No
Youth: Why not?
Me: It's obvious.
Youth: They say it's healthy, like medicine.
Me: So if everyone was eating dirt -which you know is bad for you- you would it it too, right?
Youth: No.
Me: Exactly and it is the same with marijuana. You know it is bad for you, so don't take it. You don´t need to try it to know its bad for you. You don´t need to eat dirt, just because everyone else is. 
Youth: Yeah, I know but my brother he´s having trouble with it with his friends. He doesn´t have good friends. And he´s just not as mature as me (younger brother by 2 yrs)
Me: Alright, what night is good to have a Family Home Evening with you and your brother and the bishop?  ( The dad drinks a lot and they don´t have a mom)...

This was like my second day here. I didn´t even know the kid. 

Needlessly to say, things are as interesting as always. 

There is lots more I could tell you guys-.

      Life here is always interesting. But I don't want us to be like the Athenians -  if you don't know what I mean look at Acts 17:21.

I was studying in the New Testament this week.

That will be my spiritual thought  - Do! - Don´t just talk and listen.

Love you lots,
      Hermana Bowman

PS. Thanks for the letters

Another photo of my Angol Zone. I will miss them!