Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Mollie # 32 - Angol, Chile - Birthday Pancakes, Comics, Keila & Standing in Holy Places

                                            June 3rd
Hey all,

     So this week was crazy. Here is my birthday gift to you Mother of mine.

I remember when we were younger and we always did pancakes in the number of our age.

 Well... I did a banana pancake party with the other two hermanas in your honor on your birthday. I must say all of my pancaking making art skills come from you! I kind of made up the recipe but they were really good.

My Pulga - a blood-sucking fiend
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Hermana Nelson's Chancho
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Hermana Garcia with her pato pancake
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     The other day we were at a less active family's house, and we assigned each other animals. I am the pulga or the bloodsucking fiend. Herma garcia is la pato because she has flat or planar feet and oddly reminds me of a duck. Herma Lattin is the self proclaimed chancho or pig.

We had a lot of fun eating your pancakes :p. So thank you. The recipe was something along the lines of...

4 cups of flour
1 tb of baking powder
.75 cups of powdered milk
.25 cups of sugar
1 cap of vanilla
a dash of cinnamon
Water until the right amount of runniness
and sliced bananas that we stuck in while they were cooking

     Other things that have been going on. We did splits with some of the sisters in the ward the other day. That was pretty cool. I really enjoyed having a car for about an hour. 

A couple little moments that I have been able to quickly sketch out for your guys.
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This is regarding the flooding I mentioned last week.

Definition of Irony
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     Da saludos a Payden y Sara. Y FUEGO! Ustedes son los mejores. I will try and send a pic out for them.

    We are going to start "Project Alma" here. We will have a set of missionaries looking for new members and a set that teaches inactives and less actives and recent converts. I really think it is a good idea and can´t wait to see how it works out!

I think I might also start a choir.

This photo is from a Service Day
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    Keila, is one of the youth in my barrio, aka ward, who shared her thoughts in writing about standing in Holy places. I know I keep saying it, but the youth here are incredible!

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Keila - One of the amazing youth here!

     The Holy Ghost is a guardian, protector, and friend. Standing in Holy places is staying in places where he can stand with you.

    There was one house I entered the other day that was dark- literally and figuratively. It was a single man. We brought a member with us, but I did not feel good in that house. I felt the need to leave... which didn´t make any sense because he was perfectly amiable. When we left that house I told my companion that I felt we should not return to visit.

     She said that she felt exactly the same way, but wasn´t sure if she should say anything. That only a few time in her life had she felt that way and always it meant bad things.
Later, we found out that this house is famous for marijuana and generally avoided.

     I know the spirit will protect us if we are listening for it. If you are worthy you will be able to feel when you are standing in holy places.

     Hermana Garcia- my little pato with flat feet is having trouble with her feet. She can´t walk with us for 2 weeks. She has been spending the days at the members' houses. So pray that she can get back on her feet soon.
     Thanks for the recipes and the letters. I didn´t get your DearElder yet.

     Enjoy your boy-free week and spend some time with the sisters of the ward. Give them some of my flowers.

Happy Birthday!

Lots of love,

                                         Hermana Bowman, Lattin, and Garcia