Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Riley #23 - Lomita, CA - Our Website, Father's Day Dinner, Family History

                                                     June 17  
Hi Everyone,

      Sorry that my letter last week was short. While I was typing, we received a call from the member we had been helping move. She told us that she needed our help moving something right away, so we left a little earlier than I had anticipated.

     Before I forget, we have a rough draft of a website up. It is at

    The pictures come from Elder Casey's camera. I didn't take any this week, so I stole some old ones from him. One of the beach ones has the five Chinese missionaries from last transfer. The one all the way to the left is Elder Hsieh, who went home last transfer. The other beach picture is of our Zone, Peninsula Zone, last transfer.

(Click to Enlarge)

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Elder Hsaio and Elder Casey
     It was nice to get an email from the Father. Happy Father's Day, by the way! We had spent our Father's Day dinner at a member's eating Korean BBQ. In other words, they bring out plates containing pieces of raw meat, mushrooms, octopus, and bell peppers and cook them on a small grill on the table. Also, they have plates and plates of meat they bring out until we can't eat anymore. It is delicious. For dessert, we had vanilla ice cream and blueberries. Light and simple, perfect for after a large dinner. The members are way too kind to us. 

     I am jealous of your summer camps - especially yours Father. I have always wanted to visit the Arches and go white-water rafting. The mountains and hikes have to be what I miss the most about Utah. 

     It is good to hear more Family History work is getting done. I took a quick look over the new

"Family Tree" program a couple of weeks ago. It looked pretty nice. "Family Tree" seems more convenient than the newfamilysearch they had up. It also seems more like Ancestry. 

    I'm out of time so I will have to leave it here. Fortunately, nothing too life changing happened this week. 
Well, at least nothing more life changing than usual. Be sure to have people like the Facebook page of ours.

                                        Elder Bowman