Sunday, June 2, 2013

Riley # 20 - Los Angeles - New companion, Back to Chinese, An Abysmal Translation

                              May 11

Dear Family,

     Well, transfers are tomorrow, so Pday was on Tuesday rather than Monday. By the way, sometimes, like today, we email in the morning so if you could be sure to email by Sunday night your email will always be here when I send mine. 
    To clear some things up, Elder Moore, my companion, was called Spanish speaking and didn't speak Spanish before his mission. He is from Farmington. I told him about you wanting more pictures and ever since then he has been making sure to take at least a few. He randomly would remember and take a picture so some were a little weird.

Elder Moore HAD to take a photo of me with a member's kitten. (Click to Enlarge)
     Tomorrow, I am heading to Chinese B with Elder Bergeson. Elder Hsieh and Wald are leaving so there are going to be only four Chinese left.
     Last Sunday night, we attended the Departing Missionary Fireside, where they have all the missionaries leaving bear a brief testimony. It was President and Sister Bakers' last group of departing missionaries. They will be leaving at the end of the month, and the new Mission President will be coming in.

     From what I have heard from Elder Bergeson, English class is going great. They have a few people which go to every class. Monday there was 8 people, Thursday 3, and Saturday 9. Also, our Branch Mission Leader helped us get a Facebook page and a domain for our English class. The website hasn't been made yet, but we should be able to find someone to help us make it.
My week as an English missionary ends tomorrow. (Click to Enlarge)
     I also translated for the first time this week. Even though I am in an English area, there is still a couple Chinese members attending the English ward. They brought some friends from Taiwan to church with them who didn't speak English and asked me to translate. I couldn't exactly tell them no, so I put forth my best effort. I think I summarized a fifteen minute talk with about three sentences. It was a fairly abysmal translation.
     The speaker shared about how grateful he was for eternal families, gave personal experiences, had some great quotes, and shared a story about a person who made great sacrifices to help build a temple. It was a great talk. When I translated it, all I pretty much said was "He is grateful for eternal families. He loves temples. Through Jesus Christ, we can live together with our family. He is happy he can live with his family forever." I think that is more or less what I said. Probably more.

    I haven't had a chance to read the letters I got yet, so I won't be able to reply to them until next week, but I did receive them so thanks for sending them.

                                          Elder Bowman