Saturday, June 15, 2013

Riley #21- Lomita, CA - A Facebook Page, Chinese School, How to Eat Crab

                                                     June 3
Dear Family,

          Well, I am glad you wrote early. I think I will be checking earlier now so you might want to start doing it Sunday.

        Thanks for the letters. I am back in the Chinese program now. We got a first version of our FB page Wednesday with our Branch Mission Leader. We plan on making some changes, but for the time being it should work. It is called Los Angeles English, if you want to see it.

    We hope to start on the website either this week or next week. We are not sure exactly who is going to make it still, but after today we should have at least some idea. Our Branch Mission Leader told us he has a friend that will help make it, but we would like to get something there before we have him work on it.

    We helped out at a Chinese school this weekend. It was there end of year assembly so there wasn't too much to do, but we got to meet some of the Chinese people in the community and provide some service.

     Because they are on break now, we probably won't be working with them again until school starts back up.

     Last night, a member fed us crab. It was the first time I have seen a whole crab eaten so I didn't really know how to eat it. He told me he would have to give it to us more often so I could get used to it.

    We also attended badminton this week. It is held every Thursday evening at the church. We can't play ourselves, but there are a lot of Chinese people there who aren't members who may be interested in learning about the Church. We are trying to focus on finding some investigators around where we live in Torrance this transfer. Most of ours have been around UCLA so they can't attend the Branch because it is too far.  It will be great to have more people attend the branch.

                 Elder Bowman