Saturday, June 15, 2013

Mollie #33 - Angol, Chile - Bundled for morning runs, Sasquatch, and Gardening

                                                        June 10
Hey all,

       Where to start. More letters would be good. Just send me them in email, and I´ll photograph and write next week or something like that. 

        We started Operacion Alma, which is where we work with inactive, less active, and recent converts. It is to help strengthen the base of the ward . I have been helping plan activities. I do feel the ward is progressing even if it is at a snail's pace.

No comics this weeks though some pics.

     Running is awful.. ´:P I was not made to run in the mornings. I mean really... no. It is more of a staggering-tripping, blind-Sasquatch that seems almost to have no direction of travel. I am big and bulky.

(Click to Enlarge)

  I am bundled with four sweaters, leggings, sweats, two hats, and a scarf. It is cold in the morning! I also can't really talk. My voice comes out more as a growl with this cold scratchiness from the morning.
     Today we had three dogs running with us, and they wouldn´t go away. So now I have a pack of mutts to run with. The ground is never flat aftermath of many earthquakes, resulting in me being very clumsy sleepy and growly in the morning, aka Sasquatch.

I expect a letter from Jake and the Father after Priest camp. Just saying...

I am a little sick and my mind is a little fuzzy. I will try and structure my letter better next week.

     Give Mema and Sister Jolley some flowers from me.

    Dahlias are annuals, so dig them up before hard frost. Did you plant my other dahlia bulbs and gladys that are in the plant room? In the small painted box with a flower on it? Its great to hear about my roses!

Lots of love,

             Hermana Bowman