Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Mollie #34 - Angol, Chile - Jedi Jesus, Losing a companion, Story of the Ewe

                                                                June 17
Dear Family,

   This week was crazy. We have plans to get the ward moving more. I might start a choir.

     Oh could you email me a recipe for tortillas? - ask Mich. 

I have tennis shoes don´t worry. I don't run in my boots!

    Hermana Lattin is leaving...booo.... She is really wonderful but doesn´t always see it. I will miss her.

     She is/was a part-time companion of mine. My companion leaves every week to help with other sister companionships in the area.

My Decorated Agenda - "Jedi Jesus"

    One thing we like to do is decorate our agendas. I made this one for my comp. It is called "Jedi Jesus" which might be sacrilegious, but I made it and then realized he looked like a Jedi.

In reading "The Ensign," I found this. I love this quote about obedience and the story as well.

I like this story's prospective (about the ewe) on obedience.

 Link to Article with Ewe Story



    I have been thinking a lot about what is law and how mankind came to develop law.

    Law really has little or no rational explanation for existence. It is based or founded upon our feelings (which come from our soul or God) about what is ¨good¨.

Law limits our agency but allows us to achieve a higher level of thought, security, and happiness.

    There is of course a higher law, which is the law of God. It is perfect, and allows us to reach higher levels of thought, security, and happiness.

      For this reason exists things like the law of Chastity- A higher law that offers a huge level of security and happiness.

    I can´t tell you how many very young single moms we have here that are struggling (work, school, kids, house, etc....) or unhappy. This is only one form of protection offered by the Law of God.

¨¨I am the word¨¨ The word being perfect truth or perfect law.

Obedience is when we give value to law through our actions - when we practice what we believe inside. Often through obedience we are given vision. Vision of our power, our ability to grow/change, and our ability to be ¨good."
Lots of love,

      Hermana Bowman

P.S. Why wasn´t Riley in the Ensign with the rest of the LA Chinese mission?