Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Riley # 22 - Lomita, CA - Crab Dinner, First Investigator from Class, Exchanges in Chinese

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                                        June 10


   The pictures are from the member we had dinner with Sunday before last. He was surprised that I hadn't ever eaten a whole crab, so he took a few pictures of us. Elder Bergeson, my companion, is the one to my right, Elder Hsiao to my left and Elder Casey to his left. The member's son, Samuel, is behind us and is going to be a senior in high school this fall.

     English class is going well. Some of the students left for summer, so there wasn't as many as last week. There aren't as many new people coming, but we expect to get some more as we get the word out. 
      The Facebook page is LosAngelesEnglish and should be up. The website is underway, and we hopefully will have a rough draft up this week sometime.

        We have been helping a member move this week. She is the second one since April to move, so our Branch is now getting smaller. However, one of the English class students showed some interest in the church and just started taking lessons from the other Chinese elders. He is our first investigator from English class and seems great. We have other students who seem interested, but none that have had time to meet with us. 

     Elder Casey and I went on exchanges together this week. It was the first time we have been together without someone who actually speaks Chinese. It went pretty well. We had a lesson with Julie, who I taught and baptized early on.  
     She had just come back from a trip to Utah.   She has fantastic English, so even if we didn't know how to say something she would be able to understand. Still, we managed to teach mostly in Chinese.

        I'm out of time, but try to check out the Facebook again.

           Elder Bowman