Sunday, April 28, 2013

Riley Bowman #15 - Torrance, CA - A Trainer, A New Companion, English Class

 April 22
    I don't have too long to write, so I will make it quick.

    Transfers are coming, but I am probably not going to move out of Torrance soon, which I am pretty glad about. Our apartment is one of the nicer ones and doesn't have cockroaches like the last one. It is very spacious and is close by a church building and not too far from most of the mission.
     We go all over the place and need to live somewhat close to the center of the mission, without being too far away from the Chinese Branch in Palos Verdes.

    Yes, I am now a trainer, alongside Elder Hsiao. A lot of our time this week was spent going with Elder Casey to the trainings. His Chinese is about the same as mine 6 weeks ago. He is from Layton.

This photo shows all of the LA Missionary Trainers. I'm in the back row. (Click to enlarge)
(Larger view)
     Elder Casey said he didn't know of any other Chinese LA missionaries at the MTC, so we probably won't be getting another one next transfer unless he is a native or part of the fast track. Still, it can't be too long before we get another.

Elder Casey is on the left.
     Our mission normally has around four elders, which is how many there will be after this transfer. After November, Elder Casey and I will be the oldest Chinese missionaries out here. We are hoping to get another native Chinese speaker before then.

     English class has been going well as far as getting new people to come, but it is still hard to get them to come back. They always seem to like it. We have even had people come referred to us by people who came and said they liked it.

     Even still, our number of regulars are few. Do you have any ideas about games or activities we can use to teach English? Apart from that, we are having a five or so people come each week who seem as though they might be interested in church.

               Elder Bowman