Saturday, April 13, 2013

Riley #13 - Torrance, CA - Conference, Car was Hit, Elder Hsiao is Amazing

Dear Family,

    I attached a few pictures from the MTC (Missionary Training Center - Provo, UT). I thought I'd send them, since you're going to write back to Elder George's mom . I have some LA photos from this week, but I'll send them next time.

My District People at the MTC
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     I have both my MTC companions in there and a picture of my district. I haven't really taken any of  people since coming here. It isn't as if I am going to ask to have a picture with everyone I teach. It took a while to upload the pictures, so I don't have as much time to write.

MTC Mission Companion - Elder George
MTC Mission Companion - Elder Smith
      In any case, a lot of time has mainly been spent with General Conference since I last wrote. I watched it in English. All of the talks were really great. A lot to think about and apply.

    I did teach my first English lesson which was a little nerve wracking. It wasn't as though there was a lot of people there. There were more missionaries than people being taught. It went alright for a first attempt. I have a lot to improve upon.

     As far as material for my English lessons, I might want some of the ones you already have at the house. I have a small book called something like the Penguin Handbook down in my room that might prove useful. I think it might contain some of the rules we want. Rather than a grammar book, we are looking for something that has writing rules and punctuation rules, for our reference as well as theirs. If you do send it, be sure to have my full name on it. They need to know which missionary it goes to, and I heard there is another Elder Bowman somewhere.

     We have found a lot of students from China here. A lot are here for a year or two and have just started learning English so they don't understand me unless I speak I'm being forced to speak it.

     Last Wednesday, our car was hit. We were driving in a parking lot and a car backed out of a parking spot and hit our car. It didn't do too much damage, but the back door was scraped up a bit. There was a lot of paper work to do, but other than that it was fairly uneventful.

      We are keeping busy as always and looking forward to meeting the new missionary next week. I hope I stay with my companion. I probably will, but can't be sure. Elder Hsiao is amazing. He is unbelievably organized and neat. He has a Table of Contents for all his old notebooks and learned Chinese in about 3 or 4 transfers.
    He is great at planning and creative enough to figure out a solution to anything. Anyways, I had better get going.

    Happy Birthday, Jake!
We took this on my birthday, but it can work for your's too, Jake. 

                                                      Elder Bowman