Monday, April 22, 2013

Riley #14- Torrance, CA - Two trainers for the new missionary, Referrals are coming in

                                                                                                 April 16
Hi Everyone, 

     Today was busy, because we had to move another bed into our apartment and are planning to visit a Chinese museum.

      Tomorrow is the first day of my second transfer, so Pday was on Tuesday this week. Since I can only write on Pday, your letter is a day later than normal.

We are both going to be trainers for our new Chinese missionary.
        It turns out Elder Hsiao and I are going to be training the new Chinese missionary together. With so many new missionaries coming in and a lot of the old ones leaving, I think they are having a hard time finding enough missionaries to train. It will be really different with three of us again, but I think it will be a great experience.

       My Chinese really needs to start improving faster. I have been making more of an effort to talk to members only in Chinese when we are over. We think we will start practicing the lessons with them to get more practice. The members are very helpful and considerate of my poor Chinese. They are usually willing to help me learn as well. Even though it takes me some time to understand them, they are willing to repeat themselves in Chinese rather than just switching to English.

     We are starting to find more people to teach. We are getting more referrals from other missionaries, especially the Visitor's Center and UCLA missionaries. Also, more people are coming to English class; last week was a record for us.

Referrals are coming from the LA Temple missionaries
     We are still trying to progress with more finding activities and improving the ones we do now. We have a fireside at the end of the month through which we hope to pique the interest of some Chinese nonmembers.

       We have spent a lot of time preparing and should have finished the planning for it this evening.

                Elder Bowman