Saturday, April 27, 2013

Mollie #26 - Angol, Chile - Chilean Birthday, First Impressions, Prayers for Infant

                                                                                         April 22

Hey all,

     My birthday was fantastic. Really it was! The problem was squishing the surprise birthday parties in between my appointments with the other members and investigators and my English class, and baking bread in the morning ( I have been craving normal bread for weeks).
     The youth gave me a surprise birthday party, the recent converts as well, and a family in the ward gave me a beautiful poncho, cooked me salmon, and a dished out a small mountain of ice cream for my birthday.

You can't tell in the photo, but Emilia colored the sign for me, then her mom "fixed" it.
     Scheduling however really was a problem. I had to take the taxi twice, and I was still late to everything. I couldn´t help the youth clean up after their surprise party and that night the stake president came saw the mess. -cups and plates unwashed in the sink- and blamed the missionaries.
     I didn´t have time to clean it until the next day, because we left to Concepcion at 6 in the morning and didn´t return until 8. We explained everything, but I feel as if it was a terrible first impression as I had never met him before.
    Still, I feel good that I have left a positive impression on my ward and youth. :)

Emilia ready for the party!
    I am glad that Jake liked my gift. I have an idea for Daddy, but I am not sure how it is going to work out and you won't get it until next week or maybe the week after.

     Cambios or changes are on May 7, and I am not sure if I am swapping towns or not. I feel that I am but I am not sure. 

     It is crazy that Riley is a trainer. I think that is in the possibilities for me as well. We have a lot of people coming in. My Spanish improves everyday and so does my patience. But some days I am just frustrated.

     We have one new investigator this week. She is married and has two daughters. One is 6-7ish, and the other is a newborn-ish. The newborn has some sort of problem. It's really sad.
     She has a terribly bloated stomach. It was a mistake at the hospital. The hospitals here aren´t trusted by the people for a reason. Anyway, the baby cannot really sleep, and the mom of course can´t work and is living at home to take care of the newborn - Crystal. Crystal received a priesthood blessing, but they need prayers.

     We went to Concepcion for a conference this week.  Elder Swick, who is a General Seventy, and his wife spoke. They talked to us about a Concepcion temple, and how we need to help everyone prepare now for it being built someday. It has made me resolve to study 'Preach my Gospel' better.

Hermana Lattin and Me just having fun
Here is a spiritual thought for the week. It's based on President Uchtdorf's talk on Patience.

I like this talk, because it really helps everyone understand patience in a clear way.

         Tell Matt C. and Jake that they both owe me letters... Actually everyone owes me letters for my birthday. letters come regularly now - every week to every other -  so no excuses. 
    Mich, I want to hear about moving. so write me if you can find a spot of time. 
   You all need to write me now it is summer time. Something positive please, and I love stories from General Conference or otherwise. Stories are great! I have been hunting talks down from the other elders and sisters in my zone so that I can make a collection of stories. Good devotionals would be great.  
I really had a great week, especially with my birthday.
 Here's some more photos for you! 
Balloons, Gifts, and Sweet Birthday Notes (Click to Enlarge)

 Lots of love,
           Hermana Bowman