Sunday, April 7, 2013

Riley #12 Torrance, CA - Busy Easter, Duck Feet, and English Classes

April 3, 2013
Dear Family,

     I didn't send an email Monday, because today we went to the temple. We always go on a Wednesday, so Pdays for Temple week is on Wednesday instead of Monday. We only go about once every three months.
Los Angeles Temple - We only go every three months.
       I loved the pictures you sent and Mollie's letter.

      English class is going well. Yesterday we had seven people come. We are still working on making lesson plans and finding material to use to teach. We don't really have a good grammar book, but have been talking to the members to help us find material.

       We haven't given any more talks on Sundays. We are probably only able to give them once a month, depending on how the Sundays line up. Also, because of conference we won't be able to give a talk at least until May.

     Easter was very busy. We are always attending church with some of our investigators, so a lot of Easter day was going to church. After church meetings, we gave a lesson, and then a member invited us to dinner. I am still not speaking well enough to really participate in the lesson like I want. To give me practice, the member had me give a message at the end, which mostly consisted of long pauses and sputtering. Still, I managed to get through it.

     As far as strange food, I haven't really had that much. Usually we eat some duck, noodles, tofu, and cabbage. Also, there usually is some rice with every meal.

    We had pig ear the other night, which wasn't actually meat, but more like cartilage. I didn't know what it was at the time, but it didn't taste bad.

   Also, during Easter dinner, they had duck feet. It looks a lot like chicken feet, but smaller and with webbing between the toes. It took me awhile to figure out how to eat it. Apparently, it is eaten by putting the foot in your mouth, chewing it, and then spitting out the bones. I felt rude spitting out toes, but I guess that is what you are supposed to do. 

      We are focusing most of our efforts on English class right now, and trying to get everything done by the end of the transfer when the new missionary comes in. Between our investigators and English class, most of our time is taken up.

      We drive a lot, as most people we teach are in Santa Monica or USC. I am not sure where we will focus our finding efforts after we are done planning English class, but we have a few ideas we can try. Giving quality English classes, finding people to come, and helping them is where our attention is for now.

              Elder Bowman