Friday, April 12, 2013

Mollie #24 - Angol, Chile - Making Cocada, Bright Walls, A Mummy, and My Bird Problem

                                                                                             April 8
Hey all,

     All right, where to start? This week was kind of blah.

    My companion was sick for the first half, and I was sick for the second half- still recovering. We worked everyday but it was kind of blah.

  When I am sick my head is kind of like a bowl of mashed potatoes. I am unable to think very clearly. Combine this with Spanish and a need to look for culture differences and suddenly my ability to communicate effectively is greatly decreased. Boo...

      Everyone in the ward was very supportive and helpful. I received several different types of herbal drinks and had no idea what was in any of them - nix that - one was lemon water, honey, and a mint mixture. Another one was something like 'a running cats claw' from what I understood of the name. I didn't ask.

    They were concerned, and so medicine was thoughtfully given and a lot of prayers. I love the Chilean people. I really was touched by one of the members, Vivian, who baked something specifically for me. You know what I look like when I am sick - Rudolph nose and watery eyes with dark shadows under them. I'm feeling better now.

    I am sending you several photos this week. There's so much I want to share, and it's easier to send photos than describe everything. I really love Chile. I'm learning so much about the culture and history of this area.

   The rooms in Chile are always brightly colored. Here is an example for you. I love how they use the colors on the walls. In another photo, you'll see bright pink walls.

    About conference - I didn't have to wait, and I was able to watch conference in English. In Spanish, I just don't get things as well. It was really great, and I got a lot out of it. All of the English speakers in my zone gathered together and watched at one of the stake buildings around a computer, while the native Spanish speakers watched in the chapel. It was a lot of fun. 

Part of my English Class
    It was actually kind of a vertigo feeling to understand everything. That just hadn't happened in such a long time. When we were talking to each other, it was in a Spanglish-English, because we have to get back into the habit of thinking in English.  

      So I'm still working on learning how to cook the food here. I made cocada with a less active family today. They are a caramel cookie mix covered with coconut. Johan and I are mixing the batter.
Making Cocada with Johan
This is the final result of our cookie mess. 

They were delicious!

    I wanted to do something for April Fool's Day, so I decorated apples to look like the faces of all of the sisters in our house and left them on the beds, so that they would find them staring at them in the morning.

Two of my April Fool's Day Apples

          These in my photo are the faces of my companion and me. Thanks again for the sticky notes Bowman - that is what made this possible.

      Oh, could you send me Riley's address?  I was thinking of sending him a letter.

     We went and visited a museum P´day.

My companion and me on a bridge near the museum

     Unfortunately, I wasn't familiar with a lot of the museum words, so I didn't understand much... but this mummy is cool!
 There was also a lot of archaeology and geology - rocks!, which my companion really liked.  She is always collecting rocks where ever we go!

Lots of archaeology at the museum.

Great native butterfly display! Remembered these from Butterfly World!

    So don't worry about this, but I shut an oven door, and it bounced back and burned me. It is only a surface burn, so don't worry about it. I am using Neosporin.

Here you can see my leg burn from the oven door.

Me being sick - but I'm getting better.

 So you guys asked for pictures of my bird problem. Really, it's just the one bird. It comes to me. Not sure why. I'd think it was an odd thing, except remember that bird that flew on me and stayed on my shoulder, when I was just walking to Burgess Park?

     Well, that's all for now. I'll send some drawings next week. Happy Birthday, Jake!

                      Hermana Bowman