Saturday, May 4, 2013

Mollie #27 - Angol, Chile - Happy Birthday, Daddy!, Spiritual thought on Love at Home

Happy Birthday, Daddy-note!
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                                                                          April 29
Hi Everyone!

    Happy Birthday Daddy-note! Since your birthday is today, I've been thinking about what to give you. Since it can really only be through the internet, I am sending you photos that remind me of you in one way or another.

Lion with blood in it´s mouth...(This might be more connected to Riley, as Scar is his favorite Lion.)

Tazz - of course, he reminds me of you.

Just so you know I remember you, 

here are some imitations of you:

Imitation of you on a good day

And one with my eye open - creepy- aka what you look like in your sleep :)
(Her father sleeps with one eye open due to a scar left from a childhood car accident.)
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     I am officially two peace signs - 22 - which is cool. You are just old. But hey maybe for you, it is like Elder Packers poem from Conference:

"...If I could now turn back the years,
If that were mine to choose,
I would not barter age for youth,
I’d have too much to lose.
I am quite content to move ahead,
To yield my youth, however grand.
The thing I’d lose if I went back
Is what I understand."

    So this past week we visited many people. Through the visits, we learned all sorts of terrible drama that is going on in the families of the ward. I am not sure exactly what to do for each family, but apparently some of the problems are pretty normal here.

     We have cambios coming up, and I think I am going to be a trainer. We find out on the 5th. I am so not ready to be a trainer ~ but hey that is life. 

     I actually did a practice being a trainer the other day. I took the newbies, and well...we had fun together! We visited people, contacts, etc... I taught the right hand of "Let the Holy Spirit Guide" on the piano to three of the youth, and we cooked. 

     It was all right with the newbies but not the same. I don´t have the ability to explain things simply and clearly to people yet. I have a lot to learn, and what I can do needs to be improved upon.

     I have received no packages yet, but I got Bowman's letter. Thank you! I love the sparkles! :)

       For a Spiritual Thought, I've been thinking about (and sharing with those we teach) what Elder Packer shared at General Conference:

  "The back windows of our home overlook a small flower garden and the woods, which border a small stream. One wall of the house borders on the garden and is thickly covered with English ivy. Most years this ivy has been the nesting place for house finches. The nests in the vines are safe from foxes and raccoons and cats that are about.

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"One day there was a great commotion in the ivy. Desperate cries of distress came as 8 or 10 finches from the surrounding woods came to join in this cry of alarm. I soon saw the source of the commotion. A snake had slid partway down out of the ivy and hung in front of the window, just long enough for me to pull it out.

   The middle part of the snake's body had two bulges - clear evidence convicting it of taking two fledglings from the nest. Not in the 50 years we had lived in our home had we seen anything like that. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience- or so we thought.

    A few days later there was another commotion, this time in the vines covering our dog run. We heard the same cries of alarm, the gathering of the neighborhood finches. We knew what the predator was. A grandson climbed onto the run and pulled out another snake that was still holding on tightly to the mother bird it had caught in the nest and killed.

   I said to myself, "What is going on? Is the Garden of Eden being invaded again?"

    There came into my mind the warnings spoken by the prophets. We will not always be safe from the adversary's influence, even within our own homes. We need to protect our nestlings.

We live in a very dangerous world that threatens those things that are mot spiritual. The family, the fundamental organization in time and eternity, is under attack from forces seen and unseen. The adversary is about. His objective is to cause injury. If he can weaken and destroy the family, he will have succeeded."

    This is a spiritual thought that we have been sharing with our members - all of them, less active and non-active, too. We tell them that often we feel that we are safe in our houses, and then, Wham! we are hit with something we didn't expect. The guardian around the clock, the guard dog, is the Spirit of God. Then we ask them what are ways they can invite this Spirit into their homes. The result will be love, joy, and peace within the walls of our homes and heart of our family members.

   Galatians 5: 22 
   But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith
     Every family is different. We ask them what is one thing you do that makes you feel closer to your family? I know their ideas are true - prayer, songs, scriptures, talking, cooking, games, sports, walks are some ways that we can invite the spirit of Good aka the spirit of God into our homes.

My invitation is for them to do that one thing more, so they can invite the Spirit in their homes.

 I close with Moroni 7:12-13

12 Wherefore, all things which are good cometh of God; and that which is evil cometh of the devil; for the devil is an enemy unto God, and fighteth against him continually, and inviteth and enticeth to sin, and to do that which is evil continually.

 13 But behold, that which is of God inviteth and enticeth to do good continually; wherefore, every thing which inviteth and enticeth to do good, and to love God, and to serve him, is inspired of God.

Hope you have a Happy Birthday, Daddy-note! I'll be talking to you all on Mother's Day. More information on that will come next week.

Lots of Love,

       Hermana Bowman