Saturday, April 20, 2013

Mollie #25 - Angol, Chile - A Spider, A Cat, A Bird, New Hermanas

 April 15
Hey All,

   So about sending me a sleeping bag - It is cold, but I´ve been sleeping with my coat so all good.

  About buying what I need down here - Everything down here is about twice or 3x more expensive. For example, mascara is about 20 dollars. If there is a Walmart-type store somewhere in Chile it is not in my sector and. anyway, shoes here just aren´t in my size or built well for me.

   I first want to share something with you.  I love this spiritual thought and shared it with our two new sisters. It is something that helped me.

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    Sometimes, it is hard to see how much you´ve grown. All you see is everything that is in the way and the daily sun and rain that occurs. Your view of your shortcomings get in the way seeing how much you´ve grown. I know I am progressing here, but sometimes it is frustrating.
    For example - :  When I listened and listened and listened to a single mother's story, but I couldn´t seem to really understand, and knowing every word is so important, because she is so important.
     The thing that is hard to understand is that you are one of the "they." They are important and you are important. They are growing and don't always see it, and you are growing and not always seeing it. The people in this ward are wonderful people. Many of them served missions in the past, but sometimes I think they don´t see how good they are. They like me are not perfect, but as shared at General Conference - all God has are imperfect people.

    These are our two newish hermanas - Hermana Garcia and Herman Lattin. They are still adjusting to Chile.

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   Hermana Garcia is from El Salvador. She is having a rough time of it. The food is just hard on her. She is having trouble sleeping. She is very sweet and liked my breakfast burritos. She is also very quiet. I have been trying to get to know her better. She likes painting and television programs.

     Hermana Lattin is a Southern California girl to the bone. She likes to surf, is tall, and had platinum blonde hair before the mission. She is great. She is the oldest of five and has a brother also on a mission but in Peru. She and I talk Spanish and patience a lot. I know she is enjoying it here in Angol. She has a great love for people and can strike up a conversation (in admittedly bad Spanish) with anyone.

These look like crab claws but are piniones. They come from a tree and are yummy in a grain-like manner.
  To answer your questions about the bird that comes only to me, evidently my hair is the color of the momma bird...that's what I've been told.

   We hiked up to a waterfall today. Our guide, a member of our ward, found this tarantula-looking spider. Cool, right?!
 Not to my companion, who is super afraid of spiders

I bought this cool Chile hat to protect myself from the sun. My scalp burns sometimes, so I really need it.
The other picture is a sketch of  two of my investigators. Martin is the cat. One of the most playful ever. He pounces on flies, shoelaces. backpacks, grass, air...etc...and he loves me.
Two of my investigators. The cat , Martin, loves me.
     His owner is also great. He knows bits and pieces of English as well. He wasn´t at church this week, and we are not sure why  We will go and visit him tonight and tomorrow.
   We have another baptism date with a serious investigator. His daughter is having problems, so he went and helped her in another city. He has been sharing what we´ve been teaching with her, and they went to church in Temuco yesterday.

     Give Mema some tulips for me. They should be coming up around now. If not, some forsythia. 
Happy Birthday Rayne!
("Cupcake" is Mollie's nickname for her brother, Jake. Click to enlarge)
Lots of Love,
       Hermana Bowman