Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Mollie #4 - Elders, The Flu, and a 22 yo

MTC Lobby (Click to enlarge)

Alright, So... no pictures this time. I left my usb camera jack when I left. 
So, Shyan is coming out? That'll be fun. It will be summertime with a lot to do. Wonder if she'll garden?
 I´ve been sick the last week. Just a cold.
 I think the Elders probably asked me 8x a day "Is there anything I can do for you?" -each one   individually - they are so nice. (You know how I look when I get the tiniest cold!)
My thoughts -  "No, I am just a sniveling mess of tissues with a red nose. "
My answer -  " No, thank you I am fine just a little sick."
One elder's answer, "Well, know that you look beautiful" (seriously he said this-  and you KNOW how  I look!)
My thoughts "Why is it that we only get compliments on the bad days?"
Really, I know that they are just showing empathy and that they care. But, I counted and was asked 63 times one day.

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I prefer the girl method of handling others with illness. It is just better. 

Example, Hermana Porter, "Here, I got you some hot chocolate."

There are lots of people here with an awful flu. They instigated a ``no handshake policy,`` because so many people are sick. They are just vomiting all over the place. No one in my room is sick fortunately.
The other day, I had everyone choose one or two words to describe each of our personalities.
Hermana Porter: Vivacious, Just full of life, and funny
Hermana Peck: Loveable Firecracker
Hermana Ferrel: Carries elegance inside her, Princess
Me: Free Spirit, Hard working

The other day after one of our lessons. One of the sisters was crying. Evidently the constructive criticism from the substitute professor was rather harsh. When she approached him about it,he said that "she wasn't that first girl he made cry, and he wasn't sure why it happens."  I thought that was rather tactless, but he is only 22.
For New Year's, we stayed up until midnight telling stories, drinking soda, and just laughing. We can be rather silly when we are tired. We could hear the fireworks going off at Stadium of Fire, but we couldn't see any from our window.
     Scripture study has been really good. Recently, they've had us try a door approach method all in Spanish. The rule is if your door approach is no good you aren't allowed in. So, far we've made it in every time, but there has been some that haven't been let in.
      The music you sent me was great. But, the pictures were even better! Madeline has Matt`s nose. That is definitely not a Bowman nose. What color are her eyes? It is hard to tell from the pictures. She is way cute, and super long I mean 18". 
You must send me more pictures -including the ones we had from that professional photographer. Also, there were no pictures of you or The Father. Fix it.
Still eating Grapenuts for breakfast,
P.S. Did you know that the primroses at the temple bloom even through a foot of snow? Really! There is a foot of snow on top of them, but they have buds and flowers. I don't understand how they can grow under so much snow!