Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Riley #70 - Huntington Park, CA - Elder Ballard Visited Us!

                                    June 2, 2014

We are doing good, but it is still a struggle to find as always. It is one of the universal struggles of missionaries it seems. That and getting people to come to church.

This week was pretty quiet, nothing too new happened. I think probably the only thing to mention was that Elder Ballard visited the mission. Our Mission President told us about it a month ago, so since then the focus of the mission has been largely to prepare for him.

 He was in the area for a conference and spoke to all the missionaries in the mission just before going to the airport to catch a flight.

With him was our Area Seventy, Elder Acosta, and a member of the second Quorum of the Seventy, Elder Schwitzer.

All three spoke briefly about aspects of missionary work. It was an excellent meeting.

Elder Ballard's talk was especially enlightening. It was directed right to us and felt like his personal counsel to us. There is a lot he said.

He related one story about a missionary he met in Fort Lauderdale over 35 years ago. The missionary had been born completely blind, but had still come out on a mission. In the mission, he was the person who had baptized the most.

Elder Ballard talked about walking by faith, about having faith in the Savior in what we do. Everyday wake up with faith that you will see success that day.

Leave excited about the work you're going to do. Treasure and love the message you share, so that you can be able to teach what you are.

He talked about having the spirit, but mostly explained the mindset and way to live that we need to have in order to teach with the spirit. Rather than focus on whether or not we have the spirit, focus on whether we have the mindset we should and are living the way we should.

(A missionary talk by Elder Ballard - Oct 2013)

 It was an excellent meeting.
               Elder Bowman