Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Mollie #79 - Padres Las Casas - Rain, Rain

                                          May 19, 2014

Hey all,

    This week we had a lot of  rain. Here are some 'stranded without rain gear' fotos.

Me stuck in the rain at church.

   Yep, here we are in the rain. I have started carrying around an umbrella. The morning can be super sunny and the out of the nowhere it starts to rain.

Here we are at the corner of a house stuck in the rain sharing space with a junior companion. I'm the blonde.

    My companion is doing well. She is very independent. Just sick a lot, but we have got it down to vomiting 2x per week and we are going to see if we can kill it this week. She gets cough attacks. We have a specific diet for her, and we are fairly certain that it is an allergy to smoke that is also making her sick. It keeps me worried, but we are working on it. She has an irritated colon at the very least. I think she also needs new glasses. Hers haven`t been changed in years, and she gets bad headaches. I told her I could help her pay for them if she needs help. But we have to schedule the exam now that we are sure of cambios. 

      Spiritually she is fine. She got through a very hard week. She adores her brother. He writes her every week, so that is good. She is not completely alone. He helps her financially, as well as spiritually - a very good brother. I have a lot of respect for him. He is 22 and in the mission Rancagua.

We are looking for new investigators and trying to bring people to church, which is hard.

A good missionary gift for a new missionary would be Mormon Messages downloaded in the language of the mission or plan of salvation drawings. 

I would like to be out for Fourth of July. Michele said their is a cool celebration there. Just give me like a week at home or so. 

Spiritual thought: I have been thinking about - am I offering what  the Lord wants or what I think the Lord wants.

I think it is good to question your daily routines and pay attention to where our thoughts wander.  We need to question ourselves and pray to become more aware of where we stray and where we waste time - time that can be spent on our priorities - Priorities with a purpose.

Ask yourself:
How well do you know yourself? What things do you do everyday? Do you notice them? Do we do everyday actions with exactness and purpose?  Exactness is often expressed when we recognized purpose.   


Love you all lots!
                       Hermana Bowman