Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Mollie #81 - Padres Las Casas, Chile - Happiness, Happy Birthday, Mother!!!

                                        June 2, 2014

   I'm sorry don't have much time.

We had a fun week, but we still have lots of rain. We've been working hard to bring people to church. 

My companion tried to rescue a baby kitten from the mouths of two large dogs - (it died).

 I made cupcakes this week. :)

So for your birthday I decided to clean out the freezer. This is something rarely done here on the mission...but we had reached a point of 4/5 ice and 1/5 space so cleaning was kind of required. Anyway, I had a sink full of snow and well... I made a snow woman for you! Happy Birthday, Mother!!!

I am fairly certain I have that letter from Sheri Dew stashed away in my carpeta, so don´t worry about it.
Good to hear that Sara is doing better.

Spiritual Thought
What is happiness? We had a whole conference about it the other day. In the end I decided it was to live to be the best person that you can be. Also, to live so that you let the Holy Ghost help you work at making changes in your day to day actions.

You then change for the better transforming into a better person. 

This better person will better their surroundings and lift those around them.
Joy is a condition of happiness. Happiness is about who you are and how you are. It is to be at peace with one's soul, because you live what you believe and not any less.

Love you all lots!
Hermana Bowman