Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Riley #68 - Huntington Park, CA - People who think movies are real

                                       May 19, 2014


     Thanks for the emails. Not too much going on this week. As far as the service, it was the walk for cancer. The missionaries pretty much just helped out where needed. We helped people register and  handed out stuff to the participants. And we got a free pink t-shirt.

It has been pretty normal here, finding and teaching and baptizing. We meet some pretty interesting people here. LA is really diverse. We have had a lot of people argue with us lately. It is a little fun and kind of interesting. 

     There are a lot of different beliefs and crazy conspiracy theories. You can have a completely normal conversation with someone and then they suddenly throw in tears in spacetime and wormholes or something.

     Or a somewhat intimidating gangster turns out to study the Bible in three languages and has theories about aliens, the Bible, and Transformers or whatever the latest movie they've seen is.

     I didn't realize how many people think that movies are actually real. I think it has to do with the close proximity to Hollywood.

     Along with those people, there are also a lot of amazing people here. Sometimes they're one and the same.

Let me know how the Preach My Gospel study goes. Unfortunately, I'm out of time.

               Elder Bowman