Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Mollie #80 - Padres Las Casas, Chile - Finding new people, From 'estar' to 'ser'

                                                  May 26, 2014
Hey all,

So, this week we are still working on finding new people- Always fun, and I will be trying to make a better map.
Visiting Mich after four days is perfect though it is a bit of a bummer that I won´t be over there for the fourth. By the way, so cool that Mich is going to have her own personal mini gallery. Well, we do have to love her photos, and her blog is great. 
Here I am studying in morning. Like our messy table?
Thanks for sending me the fotos of Cat´s wedding; they look happy. I don´t understand completely about the military life houses, etc... but I will have to ask her.

Jake who ran with a lion won first in a half marathon - that is a little surprising but not a lot. Jake has always been fast.
I loved hearing about everyone. Riley sounds like he is having fun looking for new people like me.

This week we had an activity that we planned the gran postreton - a pastry competition. I didn´t even qualify. Who knew that in Chile cookies don't count as a pastry?
I didn´t really have time to cook anything else, though I do have plans to do a cupcake decorating competition. It´s in the head, but I have to organize it more and talk to the right people before I can get other people thinking it's their idea and then have them investing in it.

Another plan is to put a table out Saturday in front of our local grocery store. We have received permission to do so, but we lack resources so that is the goal for this week. Truck, table, handouts, etc.

Other than that our week has been good my companion is doing much better, but she has an allergy to smoke.

   She fried some platanos. One of her favorite foods.  She thought she was going to change sectors, but it ends up that she is staying here and will be my last companion or in mission terms she is going to kill me.

I will try and get you photos of the postreton next week.

Spiritual thought:
I have been studying lots of different things but the center of my studies has been eternity. All things of God, work in patterns or eternal designs. We are eternal beings, and we can also work eternal designs. What are the habits or morals or actions that we have developed that are eternal?
In Spanish, they are easier to identify, as Spanish has two different words for things that are permanently eternal and temporarily eternal. These are 'ser' and 'estar.'
SO when I say, "Jake is stubborn," is that part of who Jake is or temporary as in (for that moment) Jake is stubborn. ( ;p ) What things are we, and what things should we be, or do we aspire to be. And then what steps are need to acquire those things from being temporary to becoming 'ser.' 
Anyway, that has been my studies.
Love you all lots,
 Hermana Bowman