Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Riley #69 - Huntington Park, CA - Two Baptisms!

                                        May 26, 2014


   Congratulations to Catherine! He sounds like a pretty awesome guy. And good job to Jake - on the papers and the run. Where are you in your schooling? What are your plans for that again? It is still weird to think Mollie will be back soon.
It was a little slow for finding this week, but we have met some people we can follow up with.
On the plus side, we had two of our investigators baptized yesterday. One of them is the husband of a formerly Less Active member. 
Church Stained Glass Window
He was totally against even coming to church a couple months ago, kind of having the whole "cult" mentality. His wife, then fiancee, persuaded him to try it out and he really loved it. They are now married and then yesterday he was baptized. They are aiming for a temple marriage in a year's time. They are very friendly and a great new family.
The other one was a 16 year old boy. He first met missionaries a year ago when they were teaching his older brother, Brian. He met with them sporadically over the next few months with the last visit in March of this year before we met him. 
His brother, Brian, had met with missionaries a lot so we went over to see him. When we got there, he came out and to talk with us.
 He had just started praying again a couple days before and was surprised that we showed up after a couple months right when he had started to pray again.
 As we talked with him more, he told us in March that he had committed the missionaries to be baptized that May. The day we visited him was May 1st and he was just baptized yesterday May 25.
He is awesome and it sounds like he wants to leave on a mission next year. He is the only active-priest aged young man in the ward. Fortunately, the Spanish and English wards combine for the youth, so he isn't alone in class.
By the way, how is the Preach My Gospel study going?  Let me know!
               Elder Bowman