Saturday, May 3, 2014

Riley #64 - Inglewood, CA - Ate Fufu, Church after 20 years

                                                      April 21, 2014


   Thanks for the emails and pictures.

      My companion Elder Kpainay went to SVU. I showed him the photo of the Santoses at Easter, and he said he had met Nina before.

     Good to hear Nathan's doing well, I hadn't heard anything about him in awhile.

      Also, especially thank the Jolleys for the box they sent. It was great! I really wasn't expecting anything. My companion and I enjoyed the snacks, and I really loved the letter. I still have to try out the tie. I can't say I've worn one like that before.

      This week was a little slow. We met a lot of people and had some people to visit, but many of them weren't home when we visited or hard to contact. We still have people we are teaching though, and they are doing well.

    We have been meeting with a person from Ghana. They are very hospitable and always give us some food. I haven't really had African food before, so it has been neat to try a little. Apparently, something called fufu (as in little bunny fufu) is pretty good. Elder Kpainay, of course, is familiar with the food from growing up.

     We met again with the person who came last Sunday. She again told us how much she loved it. After having not been to a church in over 20 years, she was surprised that she enjoyed it. Again, she mentioned the sincerity that she felt there. She noted how noticeably moved the people who shared their testimonies were, even teary-eyed. She could tell that they were sharing their experiences not to exalt themselves, but in thanks and praise.

     Also, she mentioned that she could feel that people were there for the right reason. Unlike other churches she'd been to,] when she heard people talk, it wasn't gossip, or about sports or other matters, but it was centered around church and the Savior. It was more than social; people were there to worship.

It is funny how things like that are easy to overlook when you've grown up in the church.

             Elder Bowman