Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Riley #65 - Inglewood, CA - Finding Joy in the Journey, Off to Huntington Park

                                        April 28, 2014

     Thanks for the emails. Michele's blogs were great. I loved the picture of Madeleine in bed and protecting her basket. 

     Congrats to Matt for his mission call to Chile. Can't wait to hear about when Jake's comes. 

      Just the one picture today of the district I'm in, courtesy of Elder Kpainay.

     So, tomorrow is transfer day. I am going to be transferred to a different English area tomorrow. It is in a region called Huntington Park, although I am not sure if that is the actual city I'll be in. From the sound of it, it is mostly Hispanic over there and about the same social class as Inglewood. I should still be on a bike.

     I am going to miss some of the people in Inglewood. It definitely is different than any place I had been to before, and the people here were generally friendly.

     The ward here has been awesome and I know I will never forget some of the people here. Also, the people we taught here were truly amazing. Their experiences and testimonies are truly precious. Still, I look forward to see what new experiences the next area will bring.

     The Bishop in here shared a great talk yesterday.  A purpose of the gospel that can sometimes be overlooked is happiness. Not eventual happiness, but even happiness now during life. That was the central focus of his talk.

     In working with people, one of the question he often asks is "Are you willing to do what it takes to be happy?" Most people seeks for it, and yet many aren't willing to do what it takes to become happy.

     He mentioned President Monson's talk "Finding Joy in the Journey." In it is a story of a man, taken captive in war, only being able to send his family 25 words. The Bishop mentioned discussing with his wife what their words would be.


They talked about the happiest times they had in their life.
     The wife's was her mission, marriage, and kids birth. His were his conversion to the church, and outing he once had as a kid, marriage, and kids.  In these times, none of their focus was on them, but outward.

It made me think about what happiness really is.
     When we teach people, we often tell them about the happiness found in the gospel, through following Christ.

     Many people think they know what it is they need to be happy, 
but really the only things that last are found through the gospel.

    Out of time, but take a look at the talk if you haven't.

              Elder Bowman