Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Mollie #75 - Padres las Casas, Chile - Eight missionaries, Creating a new ward

                                                                          April 14

Hey all,

     So I am in the sector or ward called Maquehue, in the city called Padre las Casas. It is in the hills. The ward is very big, but so is the sector. The ward has eight missionaries four hermanas y four elderes. We will see how things go.

Here we are on the escalator  in the mall

      I have high hopes -   aka there is lots of work to do here, which is good I like to stay busy. I have lots of personal goals.

     My companion is also great. She is from San Salvador, has 3 months on the mission, and is a great missionary- obedient, hard-worker, etc.

     We currently don´t have anybody in the church - in that we are to build a new ward in addition to the one they have. The one progressing is 21years old with a 3 year wild child. She affectionately calls him her 'savage from the jungle' - an apt title.

The eight of us. We have a ward building, but it is a really big sector with 150 people in the ward. They want to divide the ward so they sent a bunch of missionaries to help build it up, so that it can be divided into two wards.
     It is cold, but we have only been hit by one heavy shower storm this week- Streets turn to rivers and the world goes foggy. It is about the same as Florida rain, big drops and lots of them, but it is cold. A good used sweater here costs about 14 dollars. New is about $30-$40. I am fine sleeping.

         Staining Easter eggs activity in the mission zone. We will be doing something similar that we have organized with the ward this Friday. Easter egg hunt and dying Easter eggs.

     You have to love Easter. It testifies of the fact that life is eternal that we will all dye :p but we will also all be reborn or resurrected.

     In the morning, we have a thick fog, which makes it hard to go running. You can't see more than about six feet in front of you. Hermana Ferrell and I are still trying to run. We will see how long we are willing to do so in this weather.

    I will try and take more shots for you guys. We are going to the outskirts of the sector this week, and I will try to get you guys some good pictures.

Fun fact: I am in the house with Hermana Ferrell. My companion from the MTC. It is really nice to already have a good friend here.

Love you lots,
         Hermana Bowman