Saturday, May 10, 2014

Mollie #77 - Padres Las Casas, Chile - Hard Week = Sick companion, Burned house

                      April 28, 2014
Hey all,

     Wow, Matt! How cool! Chile - Rancagua Mission. You are going to love it. You will have a lot of fun.

Hermana Martinez and Me back in Van Obispo (March)

       I forgot to take a lot of pictures this week mostly due to lots of kind of awkward and failed moments, but hey - we keep moving forward.

     The center of our week was odd. We spent three days in house, because my companion was sick and vomiting and didn´t keep anything down for three days.
     The Relief Society president's house burned down, so there has been a lot going on in the ward to help out the family. They are all fine, but the house burned to the base, so everyone has been pitching in to help out. The mom is in the hospital with the severest injuries. She was in a coma but woke up the other day, but she couldn´t talk. She should be sent to Santiago this week.

Here's some photos of my new place.

      The ward had an event planned this week called 'The Porotada.' It was a day to eat beans together for lunch, but everyone had been helping out with Hermana Tatiana's house, and no one came. We felt really bad for the hermano that had it all planned, but we are sure the next activity is going to be a hit.

      I loved the fotos and letters from Michele and Riley. Tell Riley that I will get on 3 o clock Chile time for Mother's Day, so that he can do the arrangements.

Not a lot of time to talk. 

   We are looking to find new people to teach this week.

Happy Birthday Daddy!!!
 Have fun talking to people (it's what I do all day!)
Love you!

Love you all a lot!
Hermana Bowman