Friday, May 23, 2014

Riley #66 - Huntington Park, CA - Teaching the Spanish

                                     May 5, 2014

Hey Everyone,

     I think 3:00 should be fine. We'll aim for that. I think we should be able to use Skype as well.

     Thanks for the news. Happy 50th birthday Father. Mother, its funny to hear that you were in Boye's video. I've seen his other videos before, and it's a little scary to think how many people will see that video.

I didn't really take pictures this week, but I do have those from Inglewood the week earlier.

Riding with Elder Kpainay
     My first week in the new area has gone pretty well. My companion, Elder Davey, is from Lindon, Utah. There are a lot of Spanish speakers in the area and contacting people has been a little difficult when they only speak Spanish. 

Lots of Africans in Inglewood. This is the Ghanan food I wrote about.

     Fortunately for me, Elder Davey can get by with, so it works out. There are 3 companionships assigned to the ward as the ward boundaries are fairly large. The area I cover is smaller than the last area and only takes around 15 minutes to bike across. 

     We've been doing a lot of finding lately, looking for people to teach. It really is different speaking English and most of our finding is talking to everyone we meet. We've seem some success, but hopefully other opportunities will make themselves available to us.

             Elder Bowman