Sunday, April 13, 2014

Riley #61 - Inglewood, CA - Getting the Routine down, Used my Chinese

                                              March 31, 2014

     Thanks for the emails. It sounds like a lot is happening over there. It is odd to think of Mollie returning home soon. 

     The week has been good, and I have started to fall into the routine of things here. We are teaching some amazing people. It is so diverse here. We have an investigator from Cameroon, Nigeria, and another from Jamaica, as well as those who have been here all their life.

      We have been going to the Visitor Center a lot the past couple of weeks. It really is a great place to feel close to God. The people we take all love the experience and can also feel that the temple is a special place. I attached a picture with one of the people we took.

 We have been doing a fair amount of teaching lately. The days are all fairly routine, more so than Chinese work.

      We had a member take us to a buffet last week for dinner. All the workers there were Chinese, so I had a chance to talk to them. I haven't really seen any Chinese people on the street here, but apparently there must be a few in the area. It was great to speak a little Chinese again and they were all very friendly. I told the other Chinese elders about it, so hopefully they can have a chance to meet with them.

       I actually felt a little bit of the earthquake last week. It wasn't much and probably wouldn't have noticed if it hadn't been for the windows rattling. I am not really sure if it was more serious elsewhere.

               Elder Bowman