Saturday, April 5, 2014

Mollie #71 - Villa Obispo, Chile - Postreton, Story of a man's conversion, Mission Conference

                              March 17, 2014


     Eleven pies! Daddy that has got to be a new record for you. Good work on keeping nerdy traditions alive. Mother said it was fun.

  On the topic of baking, remember when I told you we were planning a  Postreton ( which is a big pastry competition) at church? Well, we had it a couple of weeks ago. It turned out great. Here's some photos from that event. It was a lot of fun.


     I go running in the morning. It is getting chilly and my companion has now abandoned me to running with Hermana Leal. Alone but I might start dragging Deanne Villaroel with me. Love that girl.

     I taught my English class the other day. We had 17 non-member students. I am better at advertising since my days in Angol. Our problem is simply that we lack members to do the hermanimiento. I am working on it. 

     Many say that missionaries can find and baptize in about two months, but I have found on the mission that for me it is more like six months. I find people to teach and help them come to church and later they are baptized. 

     There was a  man on drugs (crack) in La Marina that I helped find and teach. I just found out he recently was baptized. It made me happy. Last time I saw him, he had fallen from our Word of Wisdom challenge. Some of his friends had swung by. He ended up in jail, and I left. But when he came back from jail, he went to church and the sisters kept working with him.  Life rocks! 

 We had mission conference. Here are some photos from it.

Our Zone Leaders - Elders Bills and Long

Elder Hendricks

 It is starting to get chilly here, but that just keeps me dancing on my toes. 

Spiritual Thought
If someone gave you a small piece of chocolate every day, would you read a chapter of the Book of Mormon everyday? We are helping an inactive 12 year old get a testimony of the Book of Mormon. He reads everyday for a piece of chocolate. He just needs a little motivation, and it works to help him move him along.  

    What things can we do to motivate ourselves to learn more, study, and remember to keep the commandments of God? A little motivation can make a big difference.

Love you lots!

         Hermana Bowman