Sunday, April 27, 2014

Mollie #74 - Van Obispo, Chile - Conference, Understanding Sacrifice, Heading South

April 7, 2014

     Dear Family,

     Conference was fantastic - all of it! I really can't say I had a favorite talk, because there are many that I will be using to make goals in my life.

Our district:
Elder Cruz, Long, Douglas,
 Lopez, Hermana Bazan, Palma, 
My Companion and me
       My favorite session was the first - Saturday morning. I liked the talk about gratitude, our potential, and our need to take a stand. One expression that I liked was when they talked about looking for and caring for our dead.

     Not just the dead, but our dead. We can clearly see from the extensive lists of genealogy in the scriptures that ancestry and family ties are incredibly important to God. I know lots of our family stories, but I want to know even more.

      For my birthday, it is probably better for Daddy to put money in my account for clothes than you having to send them. I have found a handful of shops that are really cheap.

     My classes are good. I used ratemyprofessor. I will rearrange them when I get home.

     One thing that will surprise you is that here in Chile, I have learned to eat a little bit of spicy food. (You can't say no to some of their hermanas that were up at 4 in the morning, and took their lunch break, so the food would be ready for you.)

     Here I am eating a bell pepper raw - something I never could do.

Here we are with two little girls, teaching them about the gospel - faith, repentance, etc.

Our little investigators
     We used a game we made up where they had to jump from step to step without getting caught by the devil (me) when they weren't on one of the steps.

     They are super cute. I gave them and their sister Bowman's headbands she sent me. They loved them.

     My companion did 104 push-ups for the zone. They weren't pretty pushups or at all middle school qualifiable push-ups, but she did them with her little arms shaking. The next day, she was unable to lift her arms to put on her mascara.
      This is an exercise we do in zone conference sometimes that helps us realize the power of the atonement. Push-ups are done for every person in the zone, so that each of us can receive a treat. Whether or not we want or accept the treat is not so important, as long as the pushups are done by one person.      

     Usually, the boys do them. It was different for me to see a girl do this. I don't know why, but the entire time I was thinking really one of the elders should be doing this.

     I think the elders thought the same,
 as they stared with avid attention at their shoes and scriptures.
      It made me think of all of the single mothers I know who are made to carry the load and how it shouldn't be that way.       

     It also made me think about our society in which it is expected that a woman is treated the same as a man, which often leads her to carrying her own load and his too.       

     It is sad how the men don't understand their value and recognize what their potential is for themselves and their families. Blessings would occur if they did.    
      In reality, each have designed roles created by God. Sometimes like when a 110 lb girl works hard at 104 pushups, it is really obvious.
    It is not that we can't do all of the work,
it's that we shouldn't have to.

And perhaps Christ shouldn't have had to either.
 I will be moving down to Temuco - the farthest southern city in my mission and most dreaded for its cold and rain in the winter. The sector is called Michaeue or something like that.

Packing. Yep, a disaster.

      I will be with the MTC companion of my current companion. Her name is Hermana Martiz.....I know! Version 2.0! She is from Ecuador, and she is like half of my size.
Love you guys,
         Hermana Bowman