Friday, March 29, 2013

Riley #11 in Torrance, CA - Bowl to Mouth, Beverly Hills Hotel, and Monthly Goals Accomplished

Church Building in Torrance

                                                                                          March 25, 2013
Dear Family,
     Once again, I find myself with little time to write so this probably won't be long.
    Yesterday, we had dinner at our branch president's house. He, like everyone else in the branch, is Chinese.
      I am still adjusting to the dinner mannerisms. Quite apart from using chopsticks, there are other things I am just not quite used to. For instance, bringing the bowl to my mouth and shoveling the rice in when I am at the last grains of rice. After years of the Mother telling me it was impolite to lift my plate to my mouth to eat, it is strange to be told the opposite. Even after he told me to eat like that, I still had trouble doing it without feeling like I was being rude.

     Saturday was my Branch Mission Leader's wedding reception. He was wed shortly before I came out, but they didn't hold the reception and leave to their honeymoon until yesterday. It was at the Beverly Hills Hotel and we attended the beginning of it, but didn't stay for dinner. The hotel didn't really look that nice on the outside, but the inside was lovely.

        I suppose the exterior didn't matter that much with all the expensive cars parked around it. The other Chinese missionaries were excited to see the new cars. Naturally, I, knowing nothing about cars, didn't notice anything other than the fact that they looked new. We attended with the hope of finding some nonmembers to talk to, but didn't have too much success as much of the conversing among the guests didn't happen until after we left.

       We are now living in Torrance, so it was a long drive back, which means we had to leave before it got too late. We stayed for the ring ceremony and the appetizers and then left as they started dinner.
      I would have like to stay for dinner, but the appetizers were good. They had the largest shrimp I have ever seen and crab. We all were a little in awe of how elaborate and ornate everything was there.

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      All is going well here. We are still focusing our efforts on finding and improving English class. We have done pretty well at accomplishing everything we had planned for this month, so we are starting to think of how we should focus our efforts next month.

     My companion is now District Leader. They made some changes during the middle of the transfer, so we are getting new zone leaders before the transfer is over. They also needed a new District Leader, so he became one starting today. 

        I was glad to hear about Mollie and loved all the pictures she sent. It really makes a difference to be able to see those pictures.
                                                                   Elder Bowman