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Mollie #21 - Angol, Chile - Music, A Trek, Comics, and Photos

                                        March 18, 2013

Hey all,

     All right, so the first thing I need to do is straighten out what I said last week, at least clarify. We´re not suppose to say anything bad about the people here, and I said they are bad singers - which is true, but I didn´t explain why. They rarely have piano players here and most (if not all) of the ward members are converts. Needless to say - They didn´t grow up singing and knowing the songs.
  And about the music...
Yes, I  can listen to music here which just kind of rocks!

We are getting to teach people, and I am contributing slowly to the lessons.

 I have 2 problems.
            1- I am not very confident with my Spanish.

In case you're wondering why I'm not confident with my Spanish :) ... (Click to Enlarge)
          2- I don´t speak very loud, because I am not very confident about my Spanish.

Hence...I am hard to understand.

    Still, I am working out a decent goal chart. I have a section for Spanish, a sections for the Gospel, and a section for Boldness - where I put things things like, number of people I contact and conversations I had with members.

So, progress is measurable, and I know that I am progressing.
We are frequently fed by church members, but we also cook.
(Click to Enlarge)
There are still some things I'm working on. (Click to Enlarge)

Yesterday, we went to the edges of our sector.
A Park in our Sector

 It is farm land, cows, horses, fruit trees, etc. We hiked a mile or so up these mountains (hills). We sang to people, prayed, and shared a message. We also received free grapes and continued.

Free Grapes

On  a Trek
Grape Arbor

At the top of the mountain, we met an agnostic 30 year old man that lived alone with his 5 dogs. He built his own house- at the edge of a cliff out of wood. He wasn´t really interested in the Gospel but he wanted a pamphlet.

Me and Hermana Urizar
We have one person with a baptism date roughly. 
It's the man who talks of war a lot.  I sent you a sketch of him last week.

The summer sun is so hot here, we have to be careful how it affects us to others.

The dogs often reflect our moods throughout the day.

Lying down in the shade outside of our house...yes, like the dogs.

From Activity Day (Click to Enlarge)


                                                                Lots of love,
                                                                   Hermana Bowman

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