Friday, March 1, 2013

Mollie #17 from Concepcion - I just arrived (in Chile), The First Prayer

 February 26, 2013                        
Hey all,

     I just arrived. I have written you a handwritten letter I will mail. The sun and the warmth is a beautiful thing here. There are lots of plants that I do not know. When we were flying in- the ground was a picturesque scene of hills and lochs, the ocean covered in tiny boats.

     I am excited and nervous to be here and a little overwhelmed, but nothing that a little patience and faith can`t cure.

   (The keyboard is set up a little different which is why it is difficult to type.)

    After we arrived we were piled up in an aquamarine bus. All the natives and USA peeps filled the entire bus. 
     When we arrived at the Mission President`s house, I was asked to give the first prayer at the meal that we had together. We had classic fajitas. It was good and filling. The prayer was a little nerve racking. I am pretty sure I forgot to bless the food.

 I will be well-taken care of here for now. I get to know who my new companion is tomorrow. 

Lots of Love,

                 Hermana Bowman

             PS. The number of sister missionaries here is doubling soon!