Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Mollie #13 - QA, Music, and Review Weeks

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       Hey all,
So first thing first. Let me answer your questions.

1. About getting a photo of my missionary tag - No missionary tag picture until next week. I'm afraid I left my camera in my room.

2. About a possible delay for my visa- It should be fine. In Chile, you get your visa when you land, and it is all arranged by the mission president and his wife.

3. Wants? ... Well... Since you asked, I would like another shawl. I know they sell them at TJ Maxx...but, if you can find another one anywhere else that would be good. I wear yours pretty much every day. I am not very fond of coats in general , so I use the red shawl as a sort of portable blanket-sweatshirt.
I'm sending several photos. 

(This photo is of our branch. There are a lot of districts in a branch, 
which then go to church together. Hermana Ferral, my companion, is behind me.)
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         I am glad to hear how Jake is being so good. I just watched a talk the other day from President Holland. (He is my favorite!) He spoke of how feeling the spirit comes from being a good girl or a good boy and following through with good thoughts & actions that pop into your head.  A lot of people wait to act, not sure if the prompting is from the Spirit or not. President Holland said, "Quit worrying!" If the thought is good, then go and do it! 

   Now for the things that I have been up to...

    As far as music goes, I have been up to a lot! I am accompanying on the piano quite a bit of the time. One piece is called "It's a Greater Miracle" or something like that. The piano part is really pretty...but I think, even though I like playing and helping out, that this will be the last time that I accompany someone on the piano. It just taking up too much of my time! I mean, there are other things I want to do with my free time and additional study time, while I'm here these last few weeks.

Usually, I haven't heard them sing before. Sadly, half of me is sometimes hoping they are horrible, so we won't make auditions, and I won't have to play in front of hundreds (if not thousands!) of people. The other half of me is really hoping they are good, so that all of this practice time doesn't go to waste. So, I am all right no matter the result.

I have also been singing every night with Hermana Layton. She is one of my favorite people. I can sing the alto part a capella now and get most, if not all of the notes. It is a lot of fun! 

I also have collected the music we need for our going away number. We are doing "The EFY (~Especially for Youth) Medley" in Spanish in Sacrament meeting. I love playing prelude and postlude in the book you gave me, as well.

"EFY Medley" in English

     Riley got his birthday cake, the sandwich, and your glasses. That's funny, how you accidentally sent them. I told him to ask about putting them up by the front desk. For his birthday, I got him this giant tub labeled "SOUR CREAM" that was filled with rice. (I found it on the Give-Away Shelf). In the rice, I hid 20 different sweet, mints, and treats. We took a picture with his camera of him holding up the 'Happy Birthday' sign I had for him. So, bug him about sending that!

    Currently at the MTC, we are on the review weeks for Spanish. My district was the last district to have the 9 week plan, which is 6 weeks of learning plus 3 weeks of review. I need the review, but I am fairly confident that I could have taught myself review at this point. So, I don't feel too bad for the new people coming in, who are on the 6 week program.

     I mean when it comes down to it, I doubt that any of us will understand or be able to say anything when we arrive! We will all fail abysmally -  still, God gives us our weaknesses, so we can be humble... And he can make weak things strong.

(My companion is looking classy, as always. 
One thing you would never guess about her
 is that she has a Tic Tac addiction.)
   TRC is the night where we  teach a person who lives in the Provo area. It is a real lesson we give to a member of the church. It is kind of like Family Home Evening. It is probably one of my favorite times of the week.      This week we had a volunteer that we had previously taught.  It was great! He said in his feedback slip that he feels really comfortable with us. He wrote that he told us things that he has never told anyone else and that he felt the spirit the whole time.

 It is so nice to know that we are improving! 

(Sometimes we just have some meaningless fun with our white board...)
                                                               Lot of Love,