Monday, February 18, 2013

Riley #5 - Packages, From 50 to 80, Looking forward to LA

Dear Family,
     Thanks for the packages. I got Valentine packages from the Santos's and from Bowman and Poppop. I was really surprised with everything in them. We are enjoying the treats together. Please thank them for me.

   I still haven't had time to figure out how to add pictures easily yet, so it will be awhile before I send any with me. Even on Pday we are usually fairly busy, so it is hard to find time to write. I always feel so rushed here when I'm writing. We really do spend most of our time studying together.

Ask Sister Kessler more about her grandson. I haven't seen an Elder Kessler around here. Is that his last name? Where is he from and where is he going? I'll look for him. 

Everything is still going well here. More people are coming all of the time, so it is becoming a little crowded.
     We heard that in a week our Branch will jump from 50 to 80. Also, we heard that last Friday new mission assignments were made by the Quorum of the 12 and First Presidency. Normally, they do around 400 assignments on Friday, but last Friday they did 1800. A lot of people are going to be getting their calls this week. So much is going on here!

Other than that, the week is basically the same. We are now over half way done with our time here, and everyone is excited to go. We all enjoy it here, but look forward to going to our actual missions.

     Thanks for the addresses. I would still like Brian's address. Nathan should have it, if you don't know it.
     I haven't written any letters yet, but if I do have some time to write, and I don't know the address, I will send them to you.

Elder Bowman