Sunday, February 24, 2013

Mollie #15 - Leaving MTC, Birthday Trap, Character of Christ

                                      February 19, 2013 

Dear Mom and Family,
    To answer your questions:

    1) Okay, I do need photos. I need our family photo that we had taken. One of Bowman & Pops, and one of Mema. And one or two of Jake. One of Donny would be good, because I use Donny stories sometimes in my lessons. 

    2) A binder with plastic sleeves for my music would also be nice. So would a cook book if you could send me one (with good bread recipes and an M and M cookie recipe). 

    3) A last meal isn't necessary, but bread is always great. The bread here is mostly white bread with little to no substance. 

    4) I don't know what else I need. But one especially nice dress might be nice and a semi-formal loose fitting shirt ( is possible). 

            Suddenly, I realize that I'm leaving to Chile in 5ish days and life seems crazy.

Travel plans: I leave Monday

  1. I have to report to the travel office at 4 am which means I am waking up at 3.
  2. 7 am flight from SLC arrive at LA at 7:55 CA time (or 8:55 here)
  3. Then I leave CA at 12:30 CA time or (1:30 UT time) & arrive in Santiago at 7AM
  4. Then I leave Santiago at 12:45 and arrive in Concepcion at 1:50

I will call home sometime between (9 & 1) if everything turns out alright. LAX is a huge airport.

     I am the Travel Leader, so I am in charge of making sure everything thing runs smoothly. I also have all of the emergency procedures.

     I am excited to leave. I have really enjoyed the MTC... But I feel, sometimes, that I could be trapped here forever. :)

This is another photo of our district.
(Click to Enlarge Photos) Two new roommates came and already left. Hermana Edwards is on the left. I think she is in the military. Hermana Peck, Hermana Porter, Me and Hermana Ferrel, and then Hermana Doxey. Edwards and Doxey were very fun to room with.

Also, we have been enjoying the warmer weather. There's been a little thermostat war going on in here.

(Click to Enlarge)

After all these weeks, the sun came out. We couldn't help but enjoy it.

    I saw Riley today. He seems to be doing well. The sisters in his district say that he is a really good missionary. He just doesn't talk enough. They ask me about information about him. So, I have been bugging him to talk more, so that he can practice his Mandarin.

Funny Vaccination Sign here at MTC

(Click to Enlarge) Another funny sign here at MTC

     It was my companion's birthday this week. I rigged a trap for her birthday. This was entirely a Donny creation. Anyways, using a counterweight, tape, & ribbon, I set up a surprise inside her closet door...So that, when it was opened a confetti-popper exploded into her face.

      Her reaction was priceless! (Oh my gosh! with a small quaint jump). - I don't know how she does it, but she always looks elegant even when scared! :)

Party Confetti Popper Trap
    Our Spanish is going well. One missionary we know in the field said that he understands about 1/2 the Spanish, and he has only been in Argentina 2 weeks.

Spiritual Thought

      The last couple of weeks, I have been thinking about an MTC talk we watched called the "Character of Christ" by Elder Bednar. I really loved it. It was about how in difficult situations, no matter how terrible they were, Christ was of the personality that always turned outwards.

     Let me give you an example, right after Gethsemane and right after Judas betrays him there is an instance where Peter cuts off the ear of a guard.  Christ has just experienced the pains and sins and sufferings of the world.

      In perspective, how important is the ear of a man? Still, what does he do? He heals the ear. Never in the scriptures does Christ turn inward pity himself or is selfish in any way. He is always turned outward.

      Even on the Cross, Christ was asking his Father to "forgive them for they know no what they do." He was also comforting the other two men on the crosses beside him. This is the character of Christ, the love and the charity of Christ. He turns outward and never pities his situation. He is always lifting up others.

That is all.
Thanks again for everything!

I am so excited for Elena's baptism and hope you can go!
                                                                                                  Lots of Love,
                                                                Hermana Bowman