Monday, August 3, 2015

Jake - #2 - Provo, UT - In a Trio, Advanced Questions, Can't Wait to be Out

   December 12, 2014

Hey Everyone,

     So big new for this week. I am in a trio now - with Elder Nelson the ex-boxer and Elder Kanyuck, a musician. Elder Kanyuck has a band called Emerald Alley and a song on itunes. He leaves the MTC for Mexico City in a few days.

   Its still really busy here, but I think I'm getting used to it. There is a large sleep deficit building up in all of us Elders, so we are taking naps on P days.

   I really enjoy having access to the temple, and I am getting along well with everyone. The spirit is very strong in the MTC. I have two mock investigators and one non-mormon investigator. He is very hard to teach as his questions are extremely advanced, like why did Nephi write the beginning of the Book of Mormon in Egyptian, after being raised his entire life in Jerusalem, and his ancestors being in Egypt having been so long ago? We had the answers, but he is very hard to understand. 

   I can feel quite strongly how much my language skills are improving and am taking the advice of Prophet Gordon B. Hinckley to read the Book of Mormon in Spanish. I try to read a chapter a day.

    It's a blessing to be serving the Lord, but I can't wait to be out in the field. I feel like what I am learning is how to give impromptu lessons on the spot in Spanish, only having just decided the topic. It's not because we don't plan, because we do when we have time. It's because we keep having multiple lessons a day without having a chance to stop and plan in between. Well thats about it. 

Elder Bowman