Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Mollie #2 - 1st P-Day at the MTC

My Missionary Choir

Hola mi familia,
Como estan? Como estan mi hermana, y mi sabrina a ser >----(^_^)----<? I am doing well here at the MTC. One thing I miss from home is the music. It is very quiet here. You don't realize what a blessing music is until you have almost none. As I told you in my letter, I am dorming with three 19 year olds. There are only about ten 19 year old girls in the MTC, so our room is kind of unique.

My companion and I have been given the responsibility of running the music for the ward/zone. We both play piano. Some skills in our zone include two violin players and a plethora of good singers - including one sister who has the most beautiful voice. Her name is Hermana Layton, and she can sing anything. Her voice kind of reminds me of a church organ - very full, loud, and beautiful. So, if you run across any great solo pieces send them my way.

My companion and I are getting along well. She studies Arabic at BYU... I mean what were the chances of that? ~(Mollie studies Arabic at BYU, too)~ She has no problem with all of my quirks. For example, it was just passed 9 o'clock, and my concentration was already shot. No matter what I tried, I just could not read or study. My brain was like oatmeal mush - the words wouldn't stay on the page. We had been up and studying, working, and serving since before six. I told Hrma. Ferrel this, and she was okay with me pacing in front of her waving my hands about like a mad man as I brainstormed ideas for our lesson plan. She is also okay with my occasional singing and incessant need to go on walks or move in general. Good news is our Spanish is improving quickly, and we probably memorize and use roughly 100 new words per day.

We have been teaching an "investigator" (our teacher) the discussions. In our last get together, we were able to teach without reading straight from "Preach my Gospel" -Our first lesson! ... (let’s just say I was surprised he didn't fall asleep.) In this last lesson, I read nothing at all just improvised with words I already knew. Things have been getting better. We had a small excursion to the temple the other day. I hadn't realized how much I missed the sun. We are indoors pretty much all day, and it was the first day we had gone outside for more than 3 minutes. Still, things are good here. I have found a piano I am allowed to practice on, and I am quite excited about everything!

Lots of love,

P.S. I am only allowed to write once a week, but this week I can write on Christmas as well.

To the Santos':
Thanks for the package and the chocolate. I was so surprised! I am using everything you gave me. I had forgotten to bring gloves and had only brought one notebook. Your package was perfect.

Riley could you see if you could get Jessica's – (red head from choir) - email address so that she can get my letter? Tell her that her letter came to me on my first day of the MTC and that it made me feel better knowing that someone was thinking about me. Also, I saw Vasha she said that if you come in on the 9th you might be one of her underlings. (okay not those words exactly but close). We are both in choir and the songs we are singing are incredible. The choir has over 500 people!

Wishing you all the best,

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